Facebook’s Message Requests will now let you contact anyone

Facebook Message Requests
Facebook’s Message Requests will now let you contact anyone

Facebook is making it easier for you to contact people without needing their mobile numbers. All you need is your friend’s name and Facebook Messenger. The social network has announced a new feature, dubbed Message Requests, which will notify you of messages from strangers. You can accept or ignore these non-friend requests without the sender knowing about it.

Earlier, the ‘Other’ section of your fb inbox used to receive and store such messages and you were required to add the sender’s name to your friend list in order to import such messages to your inbox. So basically Facebook’s new feature has removed this step of adding the sender’s name to your friend list.

Though messages from your FB contacts will go directly to your regular inbox, Message Requests will only show messages coming to you as a request.

With this new feature, Facebook surely wants to bridge the gap between you and people that are not in your friend list, but it may well attract unwanted messages for many users.

With this feature onboard, you would surely not be interested to see any spam messages. In this regard, Facebook has stated that it will continue fighting spam messages.

The service is set to go live today.

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