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Top 15 best websites to watch online movies and TV shows

Watching movies and TV shows is one of the most entertaining means to share smiles, have fun and kill time. With the mushrooming trend, reach and usability of Internet, the fad of watching movies, TV shows and seasons online has drastically skyrocketed.

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Along with enjoying latest releases, you can watch immortal classics as well as cult titles online. However, to do it in the most fitting manner you need to know the right website to land on.

In this post, we’ll discuss 15 popular websites to watch online movies and TV shows:

    PrimeWire is the leading authority for online movies, music videos and TV shows. The website holds a comprehensive list of titles across a diversity of categories. This is the best place to find both a newcomer as well as an epic old title.
  2. MOVIE25
    Movie25 is another best place to watch online movies. Along with featuring recent releases, the service offers some classic titles with an overall nice visual quality.
    The website offers a wide range of handpicked movies for you to entertain yourself. Apart from Hollywood titles, the website offers carefully-selected titles from Indian as well as Telugu cinema.
  4. Movie nighT
    Movie nighT
    Choose your favorite movie from thousands of chartbuster listings on this free online video streaming platform. Simply visit any category, including action, comedy, documentary, horror, etc. to select your favorite title or to enjoy the one that appeals the most to you.
  5. TUBE+
    TUBE+ lets you enjoy a number of movies. It has all the latest titles and some classic ones as well. The titles are grouped according to the genre and you can also watch TV shows on this video streaming service. The website has a TUBE+ Charts section that lets you know about the best ongoing titles.
  6. POPCORN time
    POPCORN time
    You need to download the app first to watch movies from this stream service. The app is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS platforms. Just choose a movie, select subtitles and start watching. You can also watch anime on this superb stream platform.
  7. 123MOVIES
    123movies offers one of the biggest databases of movies, TV shows and some requested titles, all at a common place. The service provides an iMDB rating for every title to give you a better idea about the title you are interested in. You will also find a news section on the website which, every now and then, flashes news related to upcoming titles and latest movie buzz.
    FLIXBREAK lets you stream several movies categorized in genres. The service also provides every title with a rating based on its reviews by users.
  9. uFlix
    uFlix features a huge list of movies, including latest and classic releases. You can also watch TV series on this online streaming service.
  10. Couch Tuner Version 2.0
    CouchTuner Version 2.0
    Watch your favorite TV shows at CouchTuner. The website offers two separate listings of numerous TV shows, one for an ongoing TV list while the other enlists old TV shows.
    Streamtuner is a dedicated online TV stream service. The website boasts a grand collection of popular TV shows and is therefore the de facto choice of viewers interested in watching small-screen masterpieces.
  12. Coke & Popcorn
    Coke & Popcorn
    At coke & popcorn you don’t just get the best movies of present and old times, but a rich collection of TV shows to keep you engaged long-term. In addition, the site offers some discreet videos related to bikes, cars, sports, etc.
  13. Gastreaming
    Along with enjoying movie streams, you can choose from an exquisite range of TV shows that Gastreaming has on offer. The web interface is appealing and simple enough for all and sundry.
  14. AFDAH
    AfDah is another online movie stream site that lets you enjoy different high-quality movies. Talking about quality, you can also enjoy some of the movies in full HD, all for free, only of AfDah.
  15. JohnLocker
    JohnLocker is not your staple movie streaming site; however, it is indeed an interest-grabbing candidate. The website offers several online documentaries divided into different categories such as music, nature, politics and religion.

This completes the list of top 15 websites to watch online movies and TV shows. Grab some popcorn and drinks, and tune in to any of these websites to have a wonderful leisure time.

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