How to block ads on iPhone or iPad with Ads Blocker Pro

Block ads on iPhone or iPad with Ads Blocker Pro
How to block ads on iPhone or iPad with Ads Blocker Pro

Do ads ditch you while trying to finish some important task on your iOS device? Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Aside from being stubborn, ads can consume undesirable amounts of data and some tracking scripts can even endanger your privacy. A simple way to remove ads is to install an ad blocking utility on your iOS device.

Ads Blocker Pro is your No. 1 ad blocking solution if you wish to keep your device free from any kind of infuriating and useless advertisements. The fast popup blocker features a powerful filtering system which lets you enjoy an ad-free experience. The popup blocker utility integrates easily into the Safari browser and remove ads as soon as you enable it from the Setting apps. Hence, all you get from the integration is a faster browser.

The popup blocker can efficiently block ads and speed-up your browsing experience by reducing page load time. Ads Blocker Pro is an ideal Safari ad blocker for iOS devices. Ad blocking your Safari results into a faster browser experience. In addition, the utility remove ads for free.

Quick Safari Integration

If Ads Blocker Pro had some other name then it should be called Safari ad blocker because it can be easily integrated with the Safari browser and lets you have a faster browser at your service. As soon as you complete the installation, you will be more than ready to go. Besides handling all the irritating ads for you, the app also blocks tracking scripts hidden in the webpages you visit.

Also, the use of Ads Blocker Pro significantly increases your browsing speed by disabling the browser to load unwanted data. You can easily switch off/on the ad blocking facility as per your wish.

Why use Ads Blocker Pro

Because it’s fast, easy-to-use, utilizes less resources, low CPU usage, and much more. With AdsBlocker Pro at your side, you can increase webpage loading speed by removing unwanted advertisement content from the webpages you visit. No additional advertisement means, no additional data loading and hence the loading of the webpages increases tremendously. To sum up, Ads Blocker Pro features:

  1. Faster Webpage Loading
    Ads Blocker Pro filters out the advertisements before they are loaded on the webpages you visit. No advertisements loading means no additional data usage which saves you a precious amount of data. Also, as the browser needs to load less data, webpage loading increases noticeably and hence your Safari browser is transformed into a faster browser.
  2. Save Your Device’s Resources
    The ads and popup blocker is designed to deliver excellent performance with low resources consumption while it block ads and popups. The software is compact and saves disk space. While it relies on a very less amount of processing power, it also consumes feeble memory to perform its function.
  3. Removal of All Ads
    The ad blocking app is capable of filtering out the most common types of browsing speed-dampening content such as unwanted ads, junk and browser malware. Each of these unwanted data sources could possibly slow down your browsing. Ads Blocker Pro makes sure to remove all such ads and helps you achieve the maximum browsing speed on your device.
  4. Count number of ads
    The built-in functionality of the ad blocking utility lets you know how many ads have already been blocked by the app. You don’t want to configure any option to enable the count of blocked ads and popups, it is automatically done by the ad & popup blocker. Simply enable the feature from Settings app after its successful installation and let it remove ads for you.

How to Configure Ads Blocker Pro

Configuring Ads Blocker Pro is a piece of cake. For your convenience, the configuration of the app is divided in two easy-to-follow parts, namely Installation – installing the app on your iOS device and, launch – start using the app.

  • Installation
    Follow these instructions to install the best Safari ad blocker in no time:
    Go to iTunes from your iOS device
    2. Find and click on Ads Blocker Pro
    3. Click on Install Ads Blocker Pro
  • Launch
    Open the Ads Blocker Pro app
    2. On the welcome screen, tap on the button below Enable the Button to Block the ADS
  • Setting up with Safari
    You can simply use Ads Blocker Pro to convert your normal Safari browser into a fast browser by:
    Open Safari web browser on your iOS device
    2. Go to Home button
    3. Click Settings app
    4. Under General, click on Safari Content Blockers
    5. Switch on ADS BLOCKER PRO


If you’re looking for a best solution to stop advertisements spoil your browsing experience then, there is none other than the Ads Blocker Pro. The software is free and helps you to remove all kinds of ads while feeding on a very feeble amount of resources of your device.

So, what are you waiting for? free download Ads Blocker Pro now and enjoy an ad-free browsing experience on your iOS device.

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