New Lumus lens technology prototype with a 60-degree FOV

Lumus Lens Technology
The 60-degree FOV smart glass prototype is being tested with a single lens for now.

Lumus, a firm specializing in developing tiny optical displays dedicated to the under-development Augmented Reality segment, is working on a new Lumus lens technology prototype with a 60-degree field of view.

This week, the smart glass developer has showcased its DK 45 and DK 50 smart glasses-on view devices at the CES 2016 Las Vegas event.

Regarded as one of the brightest smart glass displays, the two smart glasses have 23-degree and 40-degree FOVs (Field of Views) respectively in the DK 45 and DK 50 Augmented Reality devices. Both smart glasses feature a 720p binocular vision and are powered by the mighty Snapdragon processor.

Lumus smart glasses rely on multiple prisms employed in the lenses, fitted in the smart glass frame. Besides giving a final touch to the DK 45 and DK 50 devices, the company is now focussing more on its latest unnamed prototype lens with the wide 60-degree FOV.

According to Ari Grobman and Dave Goldman from Lumus, the 60-degree FOV smart glass prototype is still under development and is very raw at the moment. The prototype, at present, consists of only a single lens.

Practically the wider the field of view will be, the more realistic the augmented content and its experience will become.

At present, Lumus has most of its contracts tied up with either medical research organizations or with military divisions. The fact implies that its products are at the present not developed with a consumer-use perspective.

Though the company is to enter the consumer market this year with the release of its DK 45 and DK 50 smart glasses, you have to wait till 2018 to see the new Lumus lens technology prototype with 60-degree FOV on the market shelves.

While 2018 is still a long way to go, you can keep your fingers crossed in the meantime. Who knows, perhaps the company change its plans and prepone the release in the near future.

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