How to remove unwanted tags from Facebook photos

Remove Unwanted Tags Facebook
Facebook tagging is a great feature for letting your friends know when you upload a photo.

Facebook’s tagging feature is undoubtedly a great feature for sharing photos with the ones you would like to get involved. It’s an awesome way to share images with your friends and family. However, things gets a bit annoying when you get unnecessarily tagged in photos only merely for some attention-seeking.

So, if you are stressed out with too much unsolicited tagging by your friends on Facebook, here are some tips that you can use to remove undesirable photo tags. Although there isn’t any direct way that you can use to stop the tagging activities, there are some efficient ways you can use to put a check on the tagging process.

1. Remove tags from Photos

You might be having unrelated photos in which your friends might have tagged you. If so, then you can untag yourself easily. Just open the image in which you are tagged-in, hover the cursor to your name and click Remove Tag.

If you are not finding any such kind of link on your image to remove tag, then look for the Options button. Go to the bottom right of the image, select Remove Tag, provide the reason why you want to untag yourself and click Continue.

2. Unfollow updates from the tagged photos

If you are fine with the tags, but don’t want to receive notifications about all comments and likes then simply open the photo and click on Unfollow Post button. And you’re done!

3. Customize who will see the photos you are tagged in

You can’t stop your friends from tagging you, but you can do something for good i.e. you can control who can see the post in which you are tagged in. Don’t worry you don’t have to always keep an eye on you Facebook account; you can customize even when it is already posted on your Timeline.

To customize tags just:

  • Go to the Privacy Settings
  • Scroll down to Timeline and Tagging
  • Select Who can see posts

Once done, you will see a pop-up window. Now, select the dropdown from Make this visible to option and customize accordingly. You can also Hide posts from selected people or lists that you have created on Facebook.

Once done, click on Save Changes button and get the immediate effect of the altered settings.

4. Review tags from friends before posting

As aforementioned, there isn’t any way you can stop any of your friend from tagging you on Facebook, but you can decide the way tagged photos and videos will appear on your Facebook Timeline. To control,

      • Go to your Facebook Privacy Settings menu
      • Scroll down to the Timeline and Tagging section and click Edit Settings
      • From the popup, click on the Review post friends tag you
      • Go to the drop-down menu and select Enable

Once done, every photo or video you are tagged in it will ask for permission bore it gets shared on your Timeline.


If you enable this option, your friends can still tag you but the tags will not appear on your Facebook account and rather will be shown on Facebook.

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