Google patent app shows new smart lenses

Google patent app
Google patent app shows up new smart lenses

No more laser surgeries. Google patent app shows that the company has filed a patent for smart lenses that will inject right into your eyeball.

If the company has said it, most likely you would be soon able to inject devices into your eye to help correct your vision. Google has a propensity for cutting-edge tech that many times, doesn’t see light of the day. Latest addition in the Google patent app is introducing a method of injecting a smart lens sort of device into an eyeball. The lens is focused at improving your poor vision.

On April 28, 2016 Google filed an application to a get patent for a device which is injected in fluid. The device then solidifies to other device with the eye’s lens capsule, the transparent membrane around the lens. The patent also read,

“Injection would be done after removal of the natural lens from the lens capsule.”

Where the intra-ocular device is mainly meant to correct poor vision, it is so much more than mere a permanent set of contact lenses or an alternative to surgery. According to a source, the device incorporates an electronic lens and storage sensors. It also packs a battery, and radio component to allow communication with a separate, external device with some additional processing power.

The internal battery, something that will apparently dwell inside your eyeball, will be able to draw power from an energy harvesting antenna.

Google’s interest and plans in the field of eyeballs started in 2014, when the company patented smart contact lenses. It included a small tiny wireless chip and ability to monitor a wearer’s glucose levels. The patent seemed to enter reality when Google teamed up with healthcare company Novartis to help create such technology.

The same glucose-measuring lenses are now under Verily, a medical tech developing division under Alphabet which stresses hard on life sciences. Most probably, the new eyeball device is also expected to be worked out by Verily.

Now for the competition, Sony has also shown interest in the game.

Sony filed a patent for a smart contact lens that comes with a complete set of a camera, zoom, and aperture control.

Google has not replied on the matter yet. Despite we know that Google patent app shows that the company has filed a patent for such lenses still, there’s no guarantee that we will likely see the concept come into existence.

Tech firms are seen filing patents for several techs, with impossible ideas and concepts; though many of them never see the light of day. The new smart lenses is something, however, everyone will keep their eyes on.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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Google patent app shows new smart lenses
Google patents app shows up new smart lenses. The new addition injects directly into your eyeball. It is meant to help correct poor vision.
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