Yu Yureka restart issue finally gets a fix

Yu Yureka Restart Issue
Yu Yureka is suffering from a stubborn restarting problem.

Yu Yureka restart issue finally gets a fix.

Yu Yureka smartphone is quite popular among mid-range customers. The phone is known for its quality hardware and advanced operating system (Cyanogen OS 12.1). However, a recent restart issue is constantly nagging users.

Users are reporting that their smartphone is automatically restarting after certain time. Suddenly gets overheated and then restarts automatically.

What exactly is the issue?

Random restarts! Overheating! Charge and Battery Drain are some of the most common issues faced by Yureka smartphone users. The Yu Yureka restart issue can be attributed to the excessive heating of the phone causing the CPU to force a shut down.

However, there can be also other reasons like a bug in an app or in the operating system itself.

Recent update 12.1 is said to have many bugs and issues. After installing the update, many Yu Yureka smartphones started facing hang and restart issues. Random app crashes were also reported!


Yu Yureka has launched the latest Cyanogen update dubbed 12.1-YOG4PAS8A4 incremental. The new update provides bug fixes and critical security updates. The update ensures that all the bugs and issues are fixed. After installing this update you’ll no longer face any overheating! Battery drain! And restart issues!

Now you can use your phone without any problem.

Here’s how to install the Cyanogen update:

  • Connect to the Internet either by Wi-Fi or by 3G
  • A notification regarding the new update will appear on your device (If not so, navigate to Settings > About Phone > System Update)
  • A notification to download and install 3 MB update will appear. Tap INSTALL UPDATE to begin
  • Now the update will start downloading. Depending on the connection speed, the download time may vary
  • After the download is complete, the device will automatically reboot and install the update
  • That’s all! You’ve successfully installed the latest 1-YOG4PAS8A4 Incremental update

So, if the update appears on your Yu Yureka smartphone. Don’t ignore! Just install the update and Enjoy!

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Yu Yureka restart issue finally gets a fix
Yu Yureka users have been suffering from a notorious restarting problem frome some time now. Yu Yureka restart issue has now got a fix.
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