Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Galaxy S6 edge is certainly one of the best flagship devices launched by Samsung last year. The smartphone is not only popular for its eye-catching curved display, but it flaunts an array of advanced features that you will witness for the first time.

The smartphone boasts a plethora of astounding features that stand out, but what’s more exciting are the ones hiding under the hood of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

Let’s have a roundup of 20 hidden features of Galaxy S6 Edge

    1. Multitasking

      Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Today, almost all smartphones allows you to perform multitask, but switching between apps is a serious pain. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge uses Multi Window technology that allows you to put any two apps on-screen without delay. To get started, simply drag any two supported apps on your Galaxy S6 screen and resize them the way that fits your need.

      1. Smart Manager

        Galaxy S6 Edge smart manager

Another awesome feature that Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge brags of is the ability to view and manage its battery life. The smartphone not only helps you manage battery but also give assistance in your device’s storage and security. From wiping unnecessary files to instantly shutting down apps, it allows you to do everything all on one screen to offer maximize performance. To do so, simply set the widget on your device’s home screen and tap the icon you desire.

        1. Charge wirelessly

          Galaxy S6 Edge wireless charging

Even after employing Smart Manager, you need to charge your smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge offers you faster charging of up to 4 hours in just 10 minutes. Or if you are on the way, you can charge your smartphone wirelessly using charge pad. Isn’t it awesome?

            1. Enhance your download speed

              Galaxy S6 Edge Download Booster

The Galaxy S6 Edge offers faster downloads! You can download large files (over 30 MB) faster by blending both LTE and Wi-Fi networks at once. To do so, simply navigate to Settings > Wireless and networks and hit more > Download booster.

Note: This Galaxy tip may consume a large amount of your mobile data. So be cautious!

                1. Create keyboard shortcuts


Another awesome features hosted by the Galaxy S6 Edge is to create keyboard shortcuts to quickly manage your text.

To do so, navigate to the Setting > language and input > Samsung Keyboard > Text shortcuts

Here you can create shortcuts for your text, like for NextGeekers – NG will be sufficed. It means whenever you’ll type NG using your Galaxy keyboard it’ll automatically appear as NextGeekers in your message.

                    1. Make amendments in sound quality on headphones

                      Galaxy S6 Edge

Are you aware of the fact the sound quality of Galaxy S6 and S6 edge can be enhanced while using headphones? Yes it’s correct! To do so, go to Settings > Sound and notification > Sound quality and effects and then tap on the Adapt Sound. Now toggle the SoundAlive+ and Tube Amp buttons ON.

                      1. Disable pre-installed apps

                        Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Samsung smartphones comes preloaded with dozens of apps made by Google, Amazon and Samsung itself. Luckily, you can disable all these apps – only if you don’t need – by navigating to the app drawer and tapping the Edit button. By tapping the minus icon on the apps you can disable any app.

Preinstalled apps on Samsung Galaxy S6 edge can also be disabled by navigating to the Applications Manager. This process will display a pop-up stating that “disabling built-in apps, may cause errors in other apps”. So before disabling any preinstalled app, make sure you don’t need it anymore.

                        1. Get live weather reports even in the lock screen

                          Galaxy Edge live weather reports

Your Galaxy S6 Edge can give you live weather reports even when your smartphone is locked. To get started, simply go to Settings of your device and tap on the Lock screen and security. Now navigate to Show information > Weather.

Bonus tip: To get the full use of this feature make sure your Location settings are ON and your Locating mode is set to the high accuracy.

                          1. Immediately review your images

                            Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Review Picture

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge conveniently allows users to review images.  Rather than navigating to the camera gallery each time you capture a photo, you can preview the clicked image instantly.

To review your images just after capturing each one, simply go to the Settings in the camera app and turn the Review Pictures ON.

                            1. Quickly launch your Galaxy’s Camera

                              Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Quick Launch

One of the handy and most-liked features in the Galaxy S6 Edge is “Quick Launch”.  It allows you to quickly open the camera of your smartphone just by tapping the Home button twice. To activate the feature, open the Camera app of your Samsung device and tap on Settings. From here you can turn the Quick Launch button ON and take your image capturing experience to the next level.

                              1. Set Easy Mode

                                Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Easy Mode

This Galaxy feature will not only simplify the whole smartphone experience for beginners but also help you save your device’s battery. Easy Mode carries a simpler home screen layout that can easily understand by even novices. Using the feature, you can apply a large font throughout your device.

To start with Easy Mode, tap on the Settings > scroll down to the Personal section and tap on the Easy Mode.

                                1. Capture screenshots

                                  Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Capture screenshots

Capturing a screenshot on Galaxy S6 device is as easy as plucking an apple from a hanging tree. To take a screenshot, all you need to do is press the Power and the Home Button at once. If this seems difficult you then you can follow even easier way and capture a screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy. You can use palm swipe. Activate the feature by navigating to the Settings option > Motion and gestures and then tap the Palm swipe to capture.

                                  1. Use Ultra Power Saving mode

                                    Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Ultra Power Saving mode

Another hidden feature of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is to use Ultra Power Saving Mode in an attempt to conserve our phone’s battery for a while. By turning the feature ON your smartphones Location services will automatically turn off. Moreover, this option will change the color of your phone’s display to grayscale and restrict your smartphone to only essential applications. Also, it’ll turn the connectivity features off like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

To activate the Ultra Power Saving Mode on your Samsung Galaxy go to Settings > Battery and then tap on the Power Saving Mode.

                                    1. Wide Selfies

                                      samsung galaxy s6 edge Wide Selfies

Samsung revealed a new feature called Wide Selfie during the launch of Galaxy Note 4. The feature is also included in the Galaxy Edge that allows you to move your smartphone from left to right when the selfie shooter is activated for capturing a wide photo. To activate the feature in your Samsung Galaxy S6 edge simply tap on the Mode button when the selfie-shooter is ON and then tap on Wide Selfie.

                                      1. Send quick reply

                                        Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Quick Reply

If you are busy and are not able to receive a call then use this Galaxy S6 Edge tip and let the caller know that it’s not a good time to make a call.

To activate the feature, all you need to do is navigate to the Settings > Edge screen > lightening > Quick reply and fill the space with a desired message.

So the next time when a call comes in and you’re not able to pick that call then simply hold your finger on the heart rate sensor for a while and your earlier-typed message will automatically be sent.

                                        1. Quickly and easily find anything on your S6 Edge

                                          Samsung S Finder

As your Galaxy S6 stuffs it can become harder to locate what exactly you want. For this hurdle the simple answer is Galaxy’s S Finder, located at the bottom left in the notification panel.

To use the feature, simply tap S Finder on your device and type in your search. The feature will show results from all your files, contacts and apps. It can also show search for settings. Galaxy’s S Finder is a lot faster way to dig your Galaxy S6 Edge into deep.

                                          1. Use Edge Clock

                                            Samsung Galaxy s6 edge night clock

Edge screen is not the only cool factor about the Galaxy S6 Edge display. Edge clock is another cool feature that seems as cherry on the top. It is a handy way to see time, without turning your smartphone ON.

Edge clock also comes equipped with a Night Clock features that comes useful at night. It means there is no to clutter the side of your bed with an alarm clock. To activate the feature, go to Settings > Edge screen > and then tap on Night Clock. Now select the time when you usually go for a sleep. Your edge clock will automatically get ON at the set time.

                                1. Get pleased with Edge notifications

                                  Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge NotificationsUnlike other smartphones, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge displays notifications on the sides of the screen rather than displaying them on the main screen.

                                  This is one of the easiest ways to check what notification alerts are worth checking your smartphone for. This Galaxy S6 edge tip has grown on many users over the past few months and keeps pulling more and more users to this amazing Edge smartphone.

                                  1. Set your fingerprint

                                    Galaxy S6 Edge Fingerprint sensor

                                  The fingerprint sensor used by the company in the Galaxy S5 was not up to the mark. But in Galaxy S6 Edge, Samsung has used industry standard fingerprint sensor. It is placed into the home button, same like last year, but this time it has been vastly improved.

                                  No more swiping is there. Now a light finger press on the sensor is suffice to have your print recognised.

                                  To set fingerprint on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, navigate to the main system Settings > Lock screen and security > and then tap on Fingerprints. A user can add up to four prints by simply tapping on the sensor.

                                  Now there is no more need to set pass codes and patterns. The fingerprint sensor of the Galaxy Edge makes things quick and easy.

                                  1. Edge’s IR Sensor is incredible to use

                                  Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge IR Sensor

                                  Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge not only boasts fingerprint sensor but the IR Sensor is one that people really love about it.

                                  For your knowledge, it helps you turn your smartphone into a powerful smart remote control that can be used for HDTV or an entertainment center. Simply by pairing the sensor with your other smart devices, you’ll be able to manage most things right from your smartphone’s screen.

                                  This is one of the most-liked hidden features on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

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