14 Best Netflix Tips and Tricks you must know to make the most out of the streaming service

Netflix tips and tricks

Netflix is the undisputed king of the media streaming universe. The media streaming service hosts more video content than any other service available at present in this category. It even offers you an option to stream movies and TV shows in HD quality. Perhaps that’s the reason millions of users prefer the media streaming service to watch their favorite movies and TV shows, with some coke and popcorn. Despite being a paid service, it has a large user base.

Still, there are many things that you probably don’t know about Netflix. The media streaming service has great depths lurking behind its simple exteriors. There are myriad of best Netflix tips and tricks that will completely transform your media watching experience. In this post, we’ll discuss all the hidden features of Netflix Movie streaming app:

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Best Netflix tips and tricks

1. Add rotten tomatoes ratings to your searches

Add rotten tomatoes ratings to your searches

Normally, when you find a new movie or TV show to watch on Netflix, you pick up your smartphone and search for its rotten tomatoes ratings first. The routine is almost same for each and every movie you intend to watch on the media streaming service.

Let’s present an easier way!

There is a chrome extension by the name Netflix Enhancement Suite. It allows you to add rotten tomatoes ratings to your Netflix media listings along with additional information like IMDB facts and Official trailers. This way you can save a lot of your time.

2. Watch random movies and TV shows with Netflix Roulette

Netflix Roulette

Netflix Roulette adds a little excitement to your video streaming experience. Instead of scrolling through thousands of movies on the media streaming platform, you let Netflix Gods decide which movie you should watch.

Just pick a genre, actor, director, or any other keyword – hit spin – and be prepared to watch whatever movie is displayed. If you’re lucky, you may stumble across some blockbuster movies like Rocky or Fight Club. On the other hand if it’s Night of the Cobra Woman, we wish you luck!

3. Download movies and TV shows

Download movies and TV shows

Courtesy of the new download feature, it has become a lot easier to save movies and TV shows offline on Netflix. This means you can watch anytime later.

There are two ways to download movies and TV shows on Netflix:

Method 1: Browse for the movies or TV shows you want to download in the available for download section

Method 2: Tap on the download icon next to the show

However, downloaded movies shows are available only for a limited amount of time. After this, they automatically disappear from the download list.

4. Record movies and TV shows for later

If you find the process of downloading and movies to your SD card quite hectic and time-consuming, you can record them to watch later. Netflix has a feature called Replay Video Capture that lets you record all the media files you stream online in high-quality.

5. Set Netflix to automatically pause when asleep

Set Netflix to automatically pause while asleep

Do you know what’s the worst thing that may happen while watching a movie or a TV show online on Netflix? You fell asleep while your favorite movie was streaming online and when you woke, the first half had already passed. At this moment, you’ll curse yourself and even decide to close the movie in disappointment.

Now, you no longer need to perform these tantrums. There are special Netflix socks that automatically pause the movie while you’re asleep.

You can purchase these socks from the market. You can even knit your own pair with the help of Netflix’s handy guide.

6. Watch videos without Buffering

Watch videos without Buffering

You can also look forward to manually adjust streaming quality settings. This comes handy in case you’ve got a slow internet connection but wants to watch videos without buffering. For this, you’ve press the following keyboard shortcuts:

On Windows

  • Shift + Alt

On Mac

  • Shift + Opt

A hidden menu called Stream Manage will appear in front of you. From there, you can tweak your video quality settings.

In order to do so on Chrome:

  • Press Ctrl + Shift + Alt + S keyboard combination

7. Find the best movies and TV shows

If you’re only interested in watching top-notch video content on Netflix, then you must consider r/netflixbestof. It brings you a list of the best movies and TV shows to watch on the media streaming service. This way you no longer have to waste your time browsing for movies and TV shows to watch.

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8. Stream movies and shows in better quality

If you really want to enjoy a seamless video streaming experience, we recommend you to stream movies and TV shows off-peak hours. During these hours, website traffic is very low because only a few people use Netflix at this time. This improves downstream data traffic and your overall viewing experience.

9. Enable voice control

Enable voice control

All thanks to the newly updated Google Assistant, it has become possible to control Netflix via Google Home smart speaker. This way you can easily stream your media files on your TV using the device.

Here is how to use Google Home to voice control Netflix:

  • Go to Google Home app
  • Navigate to Devices > Home > Settings > More > Videos and Photos
  • Once the device is connected with the app, say “OK Google, watch Narcos”

Important Note: In case you have purchased a Google Home speaker that has UK English enabled by default, make sure to switch to US English first.

10. Prevent intruders from accessing your account

Did you recently notice some weird recommendations on your Netflix homepage? This may happen because some else has gained access to your account. In such case, you should:

  • Go to Your Account > Viewing Activity > See recent account access

This will display a list of all the devices you used to sign into your Netflix account.

Now if you notice any device you don’t recognize, go back to your account and click on Sign out of all devices. Your Netflix account will be logged out from all the devices.

11. Avoid data over consumption while streaming on mobile network


Watching HD movies and TV shows on Netflix is undoubtedly a marvelous experience. However, it may also cost heavily on your pockets especially if you’re streaming on the mobile network. If you really don’t want to meet this fate, you must consider adjusting streaming quality.

In order to do so:

  • Log into your Netflix account from your mobile or desktop browser
  • Navigate to Your Account > Playback Settings > Manage video quality
  • Set your streaming quality to the lowest

12. Enhance subtitle appearance

Enhance subtitle appearance

You can easily enhance the appearance of your subtitles. Just go to Your Account > Subtitle appearance and make any changes you want to make in the subtitles.

The changes you make will be applicable across all the devices.

13. Download subtitles not directly included in the Netflix content

Netflix even allows you to easily download subtitles that are not directly included in the Netflix content. For this, you’ll need to follow a series of simple steps mentioned below:

Step 1. First of all, Go to Subflicks official website

Step 2. Download subtitles for the Netflix movie or TV show of your choice

Step 3. Load the subtitles to the media files via the Super Netflix Chrome extension

14. Important keyboard shortcuts

 Important keyboard shortcuts

Apart from all the above-mentioned tips and tricks, here are a few keyboard shortcuts that may come handy to improve your Netflix experience:

  • Play/Pause – Space bar OR Enter key
  • Play – Page Up key
  • Pause – Page Down key
  • Enable Full screen – F key
  • Disable Full screen – Esc key
  • Rewind 10 seconds – Shift + Left Arrow
  • Fast Forward 10 seconds – Shift + Right Arrow
  • Volume Up/Down – Up Arrow/Down Arrow
  • Mute On/Off – M key
  • Toggle by frame – CTRL + Space bar

That’s all we’ve in our list of 14 best Netflix tips and tricks that’ll transform your movie watching experience. Now, it’s time for some practical.

Want to watch Netflix movies and TV shows on mobile? just download Netflix for Android or Netflix for iOS app.

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14 Best Netflix Tips and Tricks you must know to make the most out of the streaming service
In this post, we'll discuss 14 best Netflix Tips and Tricks you must know to get the most out of the streaming service and enhance your viewing experience.
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