How to use Snooze tabs feature in Mozilla Firefox

Use Snooze tabs feature on Mozilla Firefox
How to use Snooze tabs feature in Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Corporation has plans to launch a new feature in its Mozilla Firefox browser. Known as Snooze tabs, the new feature will allow you to snooze tabs you don’t need right now. You can set an alarm to bring these tabs back when you require them. In this way you can focus your whole attention on what’s important, while not losing the information that you may need later.

Now, some of you must be eager to use the new feature. The good news is that you can test the feature right now. You just need to follow some simple instructions mentioned below. Let’s discuss the feature in detail:

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Step-by-step guide to use Snooze tabs feature in Mozilla Firefox


Here’s what you’ll need to use Snooze tabs feature in Mozilla Firefox:

  • A Windows PC or a Mac
  • Mozilla Firefox browser
  • Firefox Test Pilot extension
  • Active Internet connection

What is Firefox Test Pilot?

What is Firefox Test Pilot?

Firefox Test Pilot is a revolutionary program from Mozilla that allows you to test and evaluate new features at a low cost. Here, you can choose the experiments you want to test, learn about each experiment in brief, and then submit your reviews.

Firefox Test Pilot offers you a golden opportunity to play with new features before they’re rolled out to common users.

How does Firefox Test Pilot mode work?

How does Firefox Test Pilot mode work?

Each phase of Test Pilot mode focuses on evolution and prototype building through user testing. The features are briefly examined before it’s rolled out to the common audience.

You can refer to the following diagram for more details about the process.

Firefox Test Pilot mode audience

Firefox Test Pilot mode is intended for people:

  • Who’re active users of Mozilla Firefox
  • Who’re excited to try new features
  • Who appreciate Mozilla Firefox community
  • You don’t require much technical knowledge to use the feature

Facebook Test Pilot mode is only available for Desktop users at present. However, the company has plans to launch the feature for mobile platform very soon.

How to use Snooze tabs in Mozilla Firefox

Enable Snooze Tabs in Mozilla Firefox

In order to use Snooze Tabs in Mozilla Firefox, you’ll need to enable it first. Here are the simple instructions you need to follow:

Step 1. First of all, install Firefox Test Pilot extension in your Mozilla Firefox web browser and launch it


Step 2. You’ll see various options on the screen such as Snooze Tabs, Pulse, Page Shot, Activity Stream, Tab Center, etc.


Just click on the Get Started button under the Snooze Tabs option to proceed further.


Step 3. Now, you’ll be navigated to the main screen of Snooze Tabs option. Just click on the Enable Snooze Tabs option on the top-right corner of the main screen

Congratulations! You’ve successfully enabled Snooze Tabs in Mozilla Firefox.

After this, a brief tutorial will appear in front of you, guiding you through the process. Just click on the Forward arrow button to proceed further.

You can also cancel the tutorial by clicking on the close button on the top right corner.

Use Snooze Tabs feature in Mozilla Firefox

You’ve successfully enabled Snooze tabs in Mozilla. Now, the next step is to use the feature. Here’s how to do so:

Step 1. Open the web page that you don’t want to see at the moment

Open the web page that you don’t want to see

Step 2. Click on the Snooze tabs icon in the upper right corner

Click on the Snooze tabs icon

Step 3. Select the time period for which you want to snooze the tab from the following options:

select the time period

  • Later Today
  • Tomorrow
  • This Weekend
  • Next Week
  • Next Month
  • Next Open
  • Pick a Date/Time

Step 4. Click Ok to confirm your action

Click OK to confirm

This will snooze the tab for the selected period of time. Once the snooze period ends, the tab will open back up. You’ll be notified the moment the snoozed tab opens.

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How to use Snooze tabs feature in Mozilla Firefox
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