Google WiFi Will Help your Kids Stay Away From Internet

Google WiFi
Google WiFi will help your kids stay away from the internet

We all know how difficult it is to put kids to sleep during the night when they’re hooked to their smartphones and tablets. However, tech giant Google has devised a better solution to this problem. The company has rolled out a new feature in Google WiFi devices that will allow you to block WiFi on some devices during certain hours. This way, you can ensure that your kids stay away from the Internet and complete their important tasks like eating food, completing homework, or sleeping on time.

The new Google WiFi feature lets you schedule a fixed Internet pause time. During this time, the router will pause the Internet for the selected devices. Now, your kids can finish their dinner or complete their homework without the irresistible distraction of the web. Once the Internet pause time ends, the connection will be restored and you can enjoy Wi-Fi on your devices again.

Google WiFi


The new update brings several options to keep track of your child’s Internet activities as well. You can select multiple timers, choose how often these pauses repeat or select the devices on which you want to enable the Internet pause time, and much more from within the app. There are also options to pause your devices before going to sleep. This will ensure that you’re not interrupted by annoying messages or calls during your sleeping time.

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Google is not the only company offering this kind of service. Several other companies like Eero and Torch are already offering the same feature in their routers. However, it’s great to see that companies like Google are joining the list for the noble purpose.

The new Google WiFi feature has already started rolling out to users. You can install the Google WiFi App update to start using it.

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Google WiFi Will Help your Kids Stay Away From Internet
A new feature has been introduced in Google WiFi devices that will help your kids stay aways from the web during specific hours.
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