15 Best Video Editors 2017 for Android and iOS

Video Editors 2017
15 Best Video Editors 2017 for Android and iOS

The arrival of smartphones with high-end cameras has made it lot easier to capture videos. You no longer need to carry your digital camera with you all the time as you can shoot better videos with your phone. However, you still can’t ignore the importance of video editing tools. They give your captured videos a reformed look and transform them into an incredible piece of art. You must have at least one such app on your smartphone to edit your videos. So with a intention to offer you a little help, we have prepared a list of top 15 video editors 2017.

This list comprises of some of the best video editing tools available both for Android and iOS. You can go through the list and decide which video editor you want to use. Enjoy the list with some coke and popcorn!

Best Video Editors 2017 for Android and iOS

1. Filmora Go

Filmora Go

Available For: Android and iOS

Filmora Go is one of the finest video editors for Android and iOS. It magically transforms your ordinary video clips into stunning artworks with special effects and filters.

The video editing tool lets you select from a variety of customization options and promising features like video trimming, rotating, video effects, animated text, etc. You can also import videos from social media networks like Facebook and Instagram.

Filmora Go has a simple and intuitive user interface. You’ll definitely admire it.

2. Kinemaster



Available For: Android

Kinemaster makes it extremely uncomplicated to edit videos on your smartphone. You can find all necessary video editing tools neatly organized in a clear-cut user interface. The app also allows you select from a variety of options like speed controls, multi-track audios, and LUT filter to give your videos a polished look.

Apart from this, a handwriting layer option is also available within the app that allows you to draw directly on your videos.

3. VivaVideo


Available For: Android and iOS

VivaVideo is growing quite popular among video editors 2017, all thanks to the straightforward user interface and a multitude of special features the video editor offers. You can select a variety of themes, animations, filters, and special effects to your videos to make them more impressive.

You can also create photo slideshows using the photo movie maker option featured within the app.

4. PowerDirector Video Editor


Available For: Android

Regarded as one of the best Video Editors for Android, PowerDirector has a plethora of features to offer to its users like collage maker, slow motion support, quick editing tools, and tons of special effects and filters. The video editing tool also offers drag and drop support.

Also, the user interface of PowerDirector is quite alluring. You’ll love working on it.

5. iMovie


Available For: iOS

iMovie is undoubtedly one of the best video editors for iOS. It is simple and easy to use, has a brilliant design, and lets you perform a variety of tasks like adding titles, inserting music, or applying various effects to your videos. The utility even allows you to select from movie trailer themes and TV-style templates.

6. Pinnacle Studio Pro

Pinnacle Studio Pro

Available For: iOS

Pinnacle Studio Pro makes it a piece of cake to edit videos on your iPhone. The video editor for iOS lets you select from a variety of features like picture-in-picture mode, pan-and-zoom, control over speed, audio editing, etc.

Yet another major attraction about Pinnacle Studio Pro is its candid user interface that looks quite easy on eyes.

7. Splice


Available For: iOS

Splice is extremely simple and feature-rich video editor for iOS. There are plenty of things you can do with your videos within the app, such as you can add text, adjust speed, insert music tracks, apply special effects and filters, and much more. Advanced features like Destructive trimming are also available.

8. AndroVid Video Editor


Available For: Android

There are millions of reasons to admire AndroVid Video Editor. The utility has a brilliant design, interactive user interface, and some really great editing tools like video trimmer, video joiner, video transcoder, and slideshow maker.

You can edit videos of different formats using the video editor.

9. Magisto


Available For: Android and iOS

Magisto features an automated editor that lets you create awesome videos from scrap. All you need is to upload some images, select a theme, pick some music, and then relax. The video editor will make a short video from the media content you have provide.

However, you can only create 1 minute long videos using Magisto. To create longer videos, you have to upgrade to the premium version.

10. Funimate


Available For: Android and iOS

Funimate is a brilliant app for simple video editing tasks. It lets you choose from more than 15 filters to edit your videos and give them a special touch. Also, the user interface of the app is much uncomplicated. You can easily get along with it.

You can’t perform complex editing tasks on the video editor. Still, it’s a great tool for editing simple video clips.

11. Video Collage

Video Collage

Available For: Android and iOS

Video Collage is one of the most useful video editors 2017 you can try. As the name suggests, video collage lets you organize multiple videos in the form of a collage. You can also share your videos on social media networks like Facebook and Instagram

12. Video Star


Available For: iOS

If you’re interested in creating your own music videos, there is none better option than Video Star. The video editor offers all necessary tools that you’ll require for the purpose.

It doesn’t take more than two minutes to make music videos in Video Star. Just upload your video, select a song from your library, and relax. Within a short time, your video will be ready. You can also apply special effects and filters to your videos before sharing them with your buddies.

13. Lumify


Available For: iOS

Lumify is a handy video editor for people who don’t have much knowledge about video editing. The utility lets you select from a variety of options like mixing and matching videos, inserting music, adding voice overs, and applying special effects to your videos. You can also share your creations on the social media.

It is one of the best video editors 2017 for Android and iOS.

14. Replay

Replay app

Available For: iOS

Replay is specially intended for people who use Instagram frequently. The video editor lets you edit your videos before sharing them on the social network. You can apply tons of special effects and filters within the app.

There are multiple ways to import videos to Replay. You can pick videos from your camera roll, iCloud, or capture a video with your phone’s camera.

15. VidTrim Pro

VidTrim Pro

Available For: Android

VidTrim Pro is a handy video editing tool that lets you trim lengthy videos into short clips. The utility comes handy when you don’t like a particular part of your captured video and want to remove it. Several other features like video joiner, frame grabbing, and the ability to extract audio and transcoding are also available within the program.

You can also share your videos with friends via social media.

That’s all we have in our list of 15 best video editors 2017 for Android and iOS. For more such lists, tutorials, and help guides – stay in touch with us.

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