Kodi App Review: Your Perfect Streaming Companion

Kodi App Review
Kodi App Review: Perfect Streaming Companion

Kodi is an award-winning, open-source media streaming app for Android. It lets you stream unlimited media content on your mobile. Not only you can watch media files from the web within the utility but you can also stream media files online.

In this Kodi app review, we’ll uncover hidden details about the movie watching app so that you can easily get familiar with it. Let get through the post:

Kodi App Review

Alluring user interface

User Interface

The solid blue theme of Kodi looks quite dynamic and easy on eyes. Apart from this, its user-interface is also very simple and alluring. This means you can easily browse and stream media files on your device.

On the left side of the main screen, you’ll see various options like Music, Music videos, TV, Radio, Add-ons, Pictures, etc. Also, there is a power button, settings button, and search option in the top-left corner.

On the right side of Kodi movie streaming app, you’ll see the media contents you want to stream. In order to play a media file, just tap on it!

Doesn’t host its own media content

Media Content

Kodi Movie Streaming app doesn’t have any content of its own. Instead, you have to import your own media content or install add-ons of media streaming services and channels like Dailymotion.com, Engadget, ABC Family, ESPN 3, etc. With the help of these third-party add-ons, you can stream the media content available on these services.

However, the movie app doesn’t feature media content from paid services like Netflix or Hulu.

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Features a multitude of third-party add-ons

Add ons

One of the best Kodi app features is that it offers a variety of add-ons. You can find add-ons for each type of media files like pictures, videos, music, and even games.

Good streaming quality

Streaming quality of Kodi is great. You can stream videos of standard quality (480 p) without any buffering or slow down. However, there are slight buffering issues in HD (720p) and ultra HD (1080p) videos.


Kodi app is officially available for Windows and Android. However, you can also download developer versions for other platforms like MacOS, Linux, iOS, Raspberry Pi OS, etc.

You can download Kodi app for Android from Google Play Store.

Kodi App Specifications

  • Brilliant solid-blue theme
  • A myriad of third party add-ons and integrations
  • Stream media files online as well as from your device
  • You can also view images and stream music within the app
  • You can even stream music from devices like hard drive, optical disk, and local network
  • Power saving options to prevent overconsumption of smartphone battery
  • Weather facility is also available


  • Doesn’t host its own media content
  • Controls can be typical to understand at first
  • You can’t stream media content from paid services like Netflix and Hulu

Our Verdict

Kodi is a lot different from other movie streaming apps. It doesn’t feature its own media content. Instead, it lets you stream media files with the help of third-party add-ons. However, you can also watch videos and stream music within the app, something which is not available on other media streaming apps. This way the utility also acts as your music player, video player, and image viewer.

Apart from this, the movie app has a straightforward and intuitive user interface. This means you’ll have no issues while using it.

In the end of our Kodi app review, we strongly recommend this app to you. It is a valuable arsenal on your phone to watch new movies and TV shows.

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Kodi App Review: Perfect Streaming Companion
In this Kodi App Review, we'll discuss the award-winning open source media streaming application, Kodi in detail. We will talk about its every aspect in brief.
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