10 Best Free Antivirus Programs for Windows in 2017

10 Best Free Antivirus Programs for Windows in 2017
10 Best Free Antivirus Programs for Windows in 2017

Due to an epidemic rise in online threats like ransomware, phishing, and other sorts of malware, the need of a powerful antivirus solution is something which can’t be neglected by anyone. These days, web is flooding with plenty of antivirus programs that can be used even without spending a single penny. To avail the benefits of one such app, read on this post and check which one of the free antivirus programs from our list can fulfil your needs.

If you’re very much aware of virus attacks, then it’ll be quite obvious that you don’t keep confidential data on your system. You just use it for social media and web browsing. No cyber-crook or hijacker would be interested in such a tedious computer, right? Wrong. Your system will make a great recruit in a botnet herder’s zombie army, churning spam, drawing out bitcoins, or joining in a denial of service attack. In simple words, you need a solid antivirus protection regardless of how you use your computer. Thankfully, you can get it for no cost, and top free antivirus programs can beat out some paid ones.

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In this post, we’ve listed 10 best antivirus software 2017 to help you provide an all-round protection to your system. You’ll have an easy time in picking up one that suits you.

Free Antivirus Programs for Windows

1. Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition


Bitdefender is a Roman-based Internet security software that includes all the core malware-fighting components to safeguard your system. It comes loaded with features like malicious URL blocking, on-demand scan, and phishing protection. All thanks to its unobtrusive nature, you will not even know that some antivirus program is running on your PC.

2. Avira Free Antivirus


Avira Free Antivirus shields your system from Trojans, viruses, adware, worms, spyware, and other kinds of malware, making it one of the best free antivirus programs 2017. The interface is well designed and user friendly. It comes with a SearchFree Toolbar that allows you to block advertising companies from tracking your online activities.

The antivirus application enables you to schedule system scans and by default, there’s a quick scan set to repeat every 168 hours, or weekly. Using its signature-based malware scanning, it safeguards your system by actively operating in the background. On top of that, its cloud protection brings an additional security layer by providing scans to the items shared by you.

3. Avast Free Antivirus


The next famous name in the world of top antivirus programs for Windows is Avast Free Antivirus. If you want to grab some protection for your system and are looking for a familiar ally, you can go for Avast Antivirus. The installation process is pretty simple.

Other than regular malware scanning, the latest version of the antivirus for Windows scans all the installed programs. It offers a handy password manager so you can log into sites in your web browser by remembering just one password. The automatic virus updates are also available.

4. AVG Free Antivirus


Create a security vault around your system with AVG Free Antivirus. It is one of the best free antivirus programs that comes with two scanners namely active scanner and resident shield real-time scanner. Both the scanners always run in the background, matching suspect software against a constantly updated database of malware signatures.

It uploads suspect items to the company’s servers for analysis; however, reports may include information about your system. You can opt out by navigating to the Privacy Preferences section of the program. With dozens of customizable options, AVG Antivirus Free can be termed as the best antivirus application in 2017.

5. Kaspersky Lab Internet Security 2017


Whether you surf the Internet, shop online or perform actions related to e-banking, Kaspersky Lab Internet Security 2017 provides the best-in-class protection to your system against web threats. The desktop security suite safeguards your system against phishing websites, hijackers, identity theft, etc. It also shields your online financial transactions using the top technologies such as Safe Money and Secure Keyboard.

Another great benefit of this most popular system security tool for PC is its anti-spam component. Once enabled, it filters all incoming POP3 and IMAP mails, marking emails as possible spam or spam. Moreover, the Internet security software provides integration with Outlook, featuring automatic storage of spam messages into the defined folders.

6. Sophos Home Free Antivirus


Sophos Home Antivirus safeguards your system with both signature-based and signature-less/behavioral-based detection. It includes on-access malware scan, on-demand malware scan, phishing protection, malicious URL blocking, and unwanted app detection.

The antivirus program scans websites and block threats. Also, it offers a live update service via its SophosLabs service.

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7. Panda Free Antivirus


Available for Windows and Mac OS, Panda Free Antivirus provides you a safe computing environment. It comes with many customization and scanning options.

The main features of this antivirus among our free antivirus programs for Windows include real-time protection from malware to knock down threats, USB protection for removing different sorts of Trojans, and URL scanning to shield your web browsing.

8. Comodo Antivirus


Comodo Antivirus for free consolidates the best and patented technologies in one comprehensive package to secure your everyday activities while enhancing your productivity. It comes with a cloud scanning option that is always updated with the newest threats.

The overall look of the antivirus application is clean and soothing to eyes. You can also switch back to the classic theme if you like.

9. ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus + Firewall


Give a tough protection to your system and avert attacks from hijackers with ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus + Firewall. It is a sublime program which consistently consolidates ZoneAlarm Antivirus together with Firewall to create a security wall around your system.

Not too heavy on system resources, free antivirus and firewall for Windows removes viruses, spyware, worms, rootkits, bots, and Trojan horses after detecting them. ZoneAlarm antivirus carries out quick scans within a couple of minutes. On the contrary, its full scans may take a while depending on disk size and number of files stored on your computer.

10. Microsoft Windows Defender


Are you burdened with security issues on your Windows system? Microsoft Windows Defender is one of the sterling options around. It is well integrated into Windows, excelling the need to install any third-party software.

The application silently runs in the background and notifies you when you need to take a particular action. However, you can use it anytime to scan for malware if you clicked a suspicious link online or if your PC is not working properly. With so many features under the hood, Windows Defender ranks among the best free antivirus programs 2017.

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