Edible Water Bubbles: Future of Packaged Water

Edible Water Bubbles: Future of Packaged Water
Edible Water Bubbles: Future of Packaged Water

What if you could plop a squishy sphere of water into your yap rather than keeping a plastic water bottle on your deck? That’s the main ambition of Skipping Rocks Lab, a London startup looking for putting a stop on around 1 billion water bottles from reaching the ocean each year. Dubbed as Ooho edible water bubbles, these looks like a lot of fun and a superb way to stick to those plastic bottles that end up in landfills instead of being recycled.

Made up of calcium chloride and brown algae extract, Ooho is an edible membrane that keeps water packaged in a neat little bubble. In order to keep water inside, the membrane makes use of a process called Spherification. Users can either eat such edible water bubbles, or take a bite and suck down the water, and then dispose of the swathe.


Skipping Rocks Lab first made headlines with the prototype back in 2014, but the concept of the membrane did not appeal everyone. In an interview in 2014, co-creator Rodrigo García González said that,

“Not all of the reactions were positive. Some people say that [the bottles] are like breast implants or jellyfish.”

However, the creators have been working on fixes since then, and now these edible water bubbles are available as an alternative to plastic bottles.

Current alternatives to non-biodegradable water bottles include reusable water bottles and boxed water vended in a milk-carton-like container. The startup said that the unusual packaging costs less than plastic and can also be used for other beverages besides water, including liquor and soft drinks.


Skipping Rocks is presently raising money through crowdfunding website Crowdcube. Until now, it has more than doubled its £400,000 ($500,000, AU$660,000) target funding goal and declared that it’s putting up shutters on this current round of funding.

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Here’s How to Use Edible Water Bubbles

After reading the above information, you’ll probably be excited to know how these edible water bubbles are the future of packaged water, right? Well, we’ve collected some valuable information to take you into the world of edible water bubbles. Let’s have a look:

1. Introducing edible water bubbles! The edible layer made from natural seaweed extract, ensuring that nothing goes to waste. No waste, no plastic, just a mouthful of cool and fresh water.


2. Moreover, the blobs are fully biodegradable. You can make use of them within 6 weeks. There’ll be nothing left if they’re not used for over 6 weeks.


3. All you need to do is just tear a hole in the surface and slurp the insides out or simply pop it in your yap.


4. One blob holds about 4cl of water; the equivalent of a sip, so drinking water in this way would feel more like eating a packet of sweets.


You can also watch the video below to get more familiar with edible water bubbles.

As per reports, Ooho replaces plastic water bottles with these edible water bubbles, bringing a radical solution to the world’s plastic pollution. According to the company,

“We can bring change to our unsustainable habit in a big scale.”

The team is developing Ooho edible water bubbles under creative commons, so that everyone can make them for themselves, in their kitchen.


It will be interesting to see if the company takes off and customers want to put aside the convenience of their larger plastic bottles in exchange for something that is more eco-friendly.

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Edible Water Bubbles: Future of Packaged Water
As per recent reports, plastic water bottles will soon be replaced with edible water bubbles that you can use to drink water, soft drinks, and liquor.
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