How to Find a Lost Phone Using Find My iPhone App

How to Find a Lost Phone Using Find My iPhone App

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to track your lost or stolen iPhone and know exactly where it was? Well, luckily, there is. Apple provides you a free tool baptized Find My iPhone to help you get your lost phone back. And even if you can’t get it back, you can prevent a crook from getting at your private data. Here, we’ll tell you how to find a lost phone using Find My iPhone app. Let’s begin:

Before we take you through a quick-witted journey on how to find a lost phone using Find My iPhone, let’s share some basic knowledge about Find My Phone app for iPhone, which will make you well versed in this field:

Find My iPhone is a free service that lets you track your iOS device, whether it is lost or stolen. Of course, it only works when your phone is ON and it has a signal, so if your device gets stolen and the thief is smart enough to turn off your phone or put it in Airplane Mode, the app will not work. However, it’ll at least give you a fighting chance for your beloved handset. Here’s how to find a lost iPhone using Find My iPhone app:

Find a Lost Phone Using Find My iPhone App

Before you use Find My iPhone to find a lost or stolen phone, you have to set it up first. It works through Apple’s iCloud service, which is used to store and sync files between all of your Apple devices. In order to find a lost phone using Find My iPhone, you must have an iCloud account.

Step-1: Set up Find My iPhone App on your iPhone

1. Download and install Find My iPhone app on your device

2. Enable Find My iPhone service by navigating to Settings > iCloud > Find My iPhone. Simply toggle the switch next to the Find My iPhone option to the right. Depending upon the iOS version you’re using, you may get a prompt confirming your action, just tap on the Allow button if it appears


Once you’ve set up the app, you’re ready to locate and find a lost phone using Find My iPhone.

Step-2: Locate a Lost or Stolen iOS Device

There are two ways to find a lost or stolen phone using the app. First, you can log into the Find My iPhone app from another iOS device. Alternatively, head to the nearest computer and log into to locate your lost or stolen iPhone.

1. Using Another iOS Device

If your friend owns an iPhone and you happened to have lost yours, log into the Find My iPhone app on his/her device to track your own handset. However, there’s a caution: make sure to log out when you’re done so that your friend can’t log back in and see where you’re at in future.

Within the app, you can see where your device is located on a map, and you can even get turn-by-turn directions to it. There’s a small blue arrow which will take you to more options. From here, you can play a sound on your lost phone. This will emit a loud noise on your lost iPhone, making it easier to locate it if you lost it in your home or car.


There’s also a Last Mode feature that provides options to lock your device with a 4-digit passcode and display a contact phone number right on your phone’s lock screen. You can even remote wipe your handset to ensure none of your private data gets in the wrong hands.

Once you select remote wipe option, it’ll completely delete almost everything including your iCloud login. In other words, after you remote wipe, you will not be able to use Find My iPhone anymore to locate it, so use this option as a last chance, such as if you think there’s no hope of getting your device back.

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2. Using a Computer

1. On your Mac, Windows, or Linux PC, navigate to link and log into your iCloud account


2. You’ll see various iCloud icons on your screen. All you need to do is just click on Find My iPhone


3. The ensuing screen will show you all your iOS devices. The discoverable devices are shown by having a small green dot next to their name. In case you see a green dot next to your iPhone, you are in luck


4. Now, click on your lost iPhone. The map will show the location of your lost iPhone


5. Click on the ‘i’ icon next to the name of your iPhone and you’ll have three options listed: Play Sound or Send Message, Remote Lock, and Remote Wipe. You can choose any option from them to find a lost phone using Find My iPhone app


What to Do If Your iPhone is Offline

If your iPhone is offline, you still have the options to:

  • Play Sound or Send Message
  • Remote Wipe
  • Remote Lock
  • Email You When iPhone is Found

In this situation, you should enable either Remote Wipe or Remote Lock, so that as soon as someone tries to take your device online, it’ll become useless to them.

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