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How to Easily Delete a Tweet on Web and Mobile

Has it ever happened when you thought the tweet you’ve posted last night was not appropriate and you have the second tweet in your mind to post? Maybe you thought you tweeted something too early or you don’t want to actually post a tweet. In short, there are times when you want to go through your tweets and delete some of them. Whatever the reason is, you can easily delete a tweet on web and mobile as well.

It should be noted that you can only delete tweets you’ve posted; you are not able to delete the tweets others have posted on your timeline. It’s a simple and easy process to delete a tweet from your Twitter account. Read the post to know more.

How to delete a Tweet on Web

  • Head to your Twitter profile page
  • Locate the tweet you would like to delete
  • Click on the little downward facing arrow at the right side of the screen. It will bring up a list of options
  • Select Delete Tweet, the last option on the tweet menu list
  • Click on Delete again to remove a tweet from your Twitter account

Once you’re done, your tweet will be deleted from your profile page as well as from the home page of your followers. This way you can easily delete a Twitter post on Web.

How to delete a Tweet on Mobile

  • Go to your Twitter profile and locate the tweet you want to delete
  • Tap the downward facing arrow at the top of your tweet
  • A drop down list of options will appear
  • Select Delete Tweet option
  • Tap Delete again to confirm

That’s all! Your tweets will be deleted from your profile and other’s homepage.

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However, if someone has already taken a screenshot of your tweet, you cannot do anything in that case. So, although you can delete a tweet on Twitter, it’s much better to spend a bit of time for reviewing your tweets before you send them.

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How to Easily Delete a Tweet on Web and Mobile
Here's how you can easily delete a tweet on Twitter. Follow the simple steps and enjoy a better experience while tweeting.
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