10 Android P Beta Features You’d Want to Try Out Today

Android P Beta Features
10 Android P Beta Features You’d Want to Try Out Today

Android P has finally been launched; it’s at I/O 2018 that Google released the beta version of the latest OS. And it’s full of amazing surprises that you’d be dying to try out on your smartphone. Take a look at 10 exciting Android P beta features as well as the list of compatible devices.

First of all, the list: while the past builds were made available only on Pixel phones, Android P is available on 11 devices which are

Google Pixel/XL

Google Pixel 2/XL

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S

OnePlus 6

Sony Xperia XZ2

Nokia 7 Plus

Oppo R15 Pro

Vivo X21/UD

Essential PH-1

How to Get Android P Beta on your Compatible Phone?

For those having a compatible device, simply enroll your device on Google’s official website for the beta program by clicking here. Note: Whenever you wish to go back to your stock OS, you’ll have to reset your smartphone, so backup your data before enrollment.

Now, since you’ve got the OS on your smartphone, you can enjoy these refreshed, amazing Android P beta features that seem to revolutionize Android smartphone’s future.

Check Out Best 10 Android P Beta Features

  1. App Actions

Android P Beta Features-App ActionsThese have made a debut with Android P. App Actions a, basically, quick actions that are meant to save your time by allowing you do a task with fewer taps. They predict the actions that the user might want to perform at a specific time and/or different contextual signals. For instance, when it’s time for you to leave for the office, you’ll be suggested with the map routes. Or, when you want to post something on Instagram, you won’t need to pass through your news feed first.

App Actions are generally placed in the app drawer, though can be found in the various parts of the user interface. You can access your specific app actions by swiping up or you can save them to your home screen as well.

Although App Actions are automatically created as per your phone usage practices and habits, you can create custom ones. All you need to do is tap and hold on the app icon of your wish. When the Quick menu shows up, tap and hold on the action you want to create a shortcut for.

  1. Instant App Rotation

Android P Beta Features-Instant App RotationIt may seem but is, by far, one of the most useful Android P Beta features. No doubt, locking screen’s rotation rids you from the annoyance of your screen’s frequent rotations with each little tilt of the handset. But sometimes, all you want is a quick rotation for, say, watching a short video you just received from your friend.

That’s where Instant App Rotation is handy. It lets you instantly shift from portrait to a landscape (and vice versa) without touching the main orientation setting. It’s found to the right of the navigation bar.

  1. Notification Muting

Why do you keep on getting a ping for the notifications you don’t need? Finally, it’s noticed and with their latest OS launch, Android developers have brought you an ability to mute the notification you just dismiss without a second thought.

This is how it works: Android P keeps noting the notification (from the same app) you brush off without opening them. And after a while asks you for the permission of muting such notifications in future.  Isn’t that smart and intuitive?

  1. Screen Gestures

Android P Beta Features-Screen GesturesGesture navigation is perhaps the biggest change. The only thing is that you’ll have to enable this setting on your phone. To do that, head to Settings > Gestures > Swipe up on Home Screen and toggle the option on.

After you’ve enabled gestures, your traditional home button will turn into a pill-shaped button located at the notification bar. When you’re in an app, the back button reappears. Therefore, basically, the gestures are made for app drawer access and Recents menu.

  1. Adaptive Battery

Android P Beta Features-Adaptive BatteryAmong some really useful Android P beta features, this one surely gets you most excited. The Adaptive battery feature will examine your app usage pattern and use its most system resources for these apps. On the other hand, it limits battery for less-used apps, thereby enhancing your battery levels all the time. However, this has a hiccup; you may receive delayed notifications.

  1. New DND Option

It’s finally the “Do Not Disturb” it should be! Unlike earlier, the revamped DND option will both mute a notification as well as its visual alert. You can apply different DND options based on when the screen is on or off.

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  1. Screenshot Editing

Android P Beta Features-Screenshot EditingThe editing options for screenshots on Android P are quite similar to those found on iOS. After you take a screenshot, a notification is generated for the same. What you need to do is tap Edit on this notification and you are free to crop the image, add colored doodles at the top of it, share it, or delete it. The problem that there are no advanced options yet but it’s a start…and a good start!

  1. Magnification for Text Selection

Android P Beta Features-Magnification for Text SelectionThis feature is simpler and less noticeable when compared to other Android P beta features. When you try to move the left or right ends of a selected text, you’ll see a magnified rectangular bubble above the text. This feature is not available in all apps yet, so you’ll have to wait for it.

  1. Logical Volume Control

Android P Beta Features-Logical Volume ControlAndroid P overhauls volume control. Now when you adjust the volume using the physical volume buttons, it will modify only the media volume without touching the call and alarm volume no matter wherever you are on the screen. When you want to adjust the call and alarm volumes, you’ll have to use the popup slider appeared after you press the physical button. You can use the small button above the volume bar to toggle between silent, vibrate, and regular volume modes.

  1. Better Multitasking

Android P Beta Features-Better MultitaskingUnlike the previous vertical stacks of multiple app previews found in earlier versions, Android P makes multitasking easier for you. It horizontally displays only a single preview of an app which is placed next to the other running app. Simply, use the pill button to move across all running apps.

Additionally, another Android P multitasking feature allows you to easily copy text from one app on the app switch screen and paste in another without fully switching to the new app.

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10 Android P Beta Features You’d Want to Try Out Today
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