Is your privacy on Internet protected?

Internet Privacy

To uphold your privacy on Internet is becoming tough. Data violation and identity theft are becoming common. There are numerous ways that your data being hacked and stolen. The mode in which your personal data is saved can create risk to your finances and your privacy.

Is your privacy on Internet is protected?

Following are the different ways by which you can protect your privacy on Internet:

  1. Remove suspicious or unusual content: If in doubt try not to open unusual or suspicious mails. Don’t tap on the links unless you are utterly sure of the source.
  2. Remain updated: whenever possible, turn on automatic updates. Keep your PC’s operating system, security software, and browser updated.
  3. Privacy settings: Keep privacy settings updated on your favorite social networking site such as, Facebook, Yahoo, and Google. You can also avoid over-sharing of social media information to avoid risk.
  4. Block third-party applications: Blocking these applications makes it harder to track your personal information like your username, last visited time, and whether you need automatic sign-in option or not.
  5. Using a secure wireless connection: Avoid the usage of public Wi-Fi networks as secured Wi-Fi network will help more. To protect your PC from unwanted network traffic “Firewall” is better option to use. In modern security OS, there is built-in firewall that provides high security to your network connections.
  6. Unlinking of your accounts: Linking accounts can create more risk, if one of your account is hacked then all the linked accounts will automatically be at risk.
  7. Secure Browsing: It simply means clearing all the junk of your browser’s cache and cookies, signing out from your social sites when not in used. Try using virtual private network, this network routes all your data through a proxy server so as to protect users data and its IP address.
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