Firefox to run Chrome and Opera extensions

Extensions Support

Some modernizations upcoming to the Firefox add-ons are soon going to see in near future. The company today has made some important announcements. From these modifications, the extension developers are required to make major changes to their existing extension. The company will now, use new technology called Electrolysis and Servo, protect their users from spyware and reducing the time taken to review add-ons. The Company is replacing its API extensions with new Web Extensions which is same as used in Chrome and Opera.

The developer now required to submit their extension for review before being published. The company is also going to ban extension simulating as malware. The following are the important announcements made today:

  1. To make easier to develop extension across multiple browser, the company is implementing a new extension API called Web Extension.
  2. For performance or exposing users to malware, the users are required to validate and signed all the extensions by Firefox 41, which will release on 22 September, 2015.
  3. For the deprecation of XPCOM and XUL-based add-ons, they had decided on approximate timeline.

The changes are enormous and involve large amount of pain for developers but it will be beneficial to the users. They are easy to port to other browsers and vice-versa providing a better performance and protection from malware.


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