Japan’s 3D fighting game now on Wii U

Pokemon 3D on Wii U

Pokken tournament, Pokémon’s 3D fighting game set in Pokémon’s world is now coming to Nintendo’s Wii U in 2016. Until now it was only in Japan’s mall but to delight many, it is now coming to Wii U. This is a 3D fighting game that let players to defeat Pokémon in one-on- one battles. Though it hasn’t revealed how the Wii U version will be different from the original arcade release.

Pokken Tournament is actually co-developed by the makers of popular fighting game series Tekken and Soul Calibur- ‘Bandai Namco’. The game will also include combination of new and classic Pokemon’s. For additional attacks, the player will be able to call up support fighters.

Its worldwide release is confirmed for next spring.

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