10 WhatsApp tips and tricks everyone should know

WhatsApp tips and tricks
10 WhatsApp tips and tricks everyone should know

WhatsApp is debatably the most popular messenger with over one billion downloads on Google Play. Its cross-platform nature, i.e. availability for different platforms, makes it a prime choice for users around the world.

The messenger carries some exciting tips and tricks that allow you to get more out of WhatsApp than you ever thought possible.

So sit back and check out these tweaks that will surely enhance your WhatsApp experience.

Alter your status message, profile photo from the desktop
The recently-added WhatsApp web feature allows you to change your profile picture with a single click on the avatar at the left-hand corner. You can make changes via webcam or laptop camera and directly use photos available on your drive. It also works with the groups you admin.

Mute group notifications and chats
Sometimes group chat and notifications can be goaded for you; however, you can turn them off anytime and go easy.

For Android users
Go to group chat, tap the menu button, choose Mute and then select the time-frame to make your group mute. Plus, the feature allows you to mute notifications for specified period.
WhatsApp users on the web can also make use of this feature.

For iPhone users
Go to group chat, tap group subject to view Group info screen, hit mute and then select the time period for which you would like to mute the notifications.

Spot who has read your message in WhatsApp group
Two blue ticks in the end of your message indicate that the recipient has checked your message. Here’s how to find out who has read your WhatsApp message in group chats:

For Android users
Long-press on the message sent by you to uncover an ‘i’ icon – tap it to check who has received and read your message.

For iPhone users
Open a chat with any contact or group to see the ‘Message Info’ screen – swipe the message from left to right to check delivery and read notifications.

Disable media to save your mobile data
You probably never want every WhatsApp image to be downloaded automatically; given that it will gorge over your cellular bandwidth. To avoid this:

Go to settings > Chat settings > Media Auto-Download in order to specify when you want WhatsApp media to be downloaded on your phone.

Disable Last seen
By default, the messenger shows last seen timestamp and tells everyone the time you last visited the app. For privacy reasons, you can disable this feature on both iOS and Android.

Go to settings > Account > Privacy > set Last Seen off for Everyone, My Contact or Nobody. If you select Nobody then be aware the feature will also restrict you from being able to see others last seen thing.

Backup and Restore WhatsApp chats
WhatsApp automatically backs up of your chats, but you can use the following steps if you want to take a manual backup of your WhatsApp data:

For Android users
Go to settings, then Chat settings and tap backup conversations in order to take the backup of your data. The said method will just back up your conversations. To take the backup of media, you need to make use of a file manager.

For iPhone users
Go to settings, then Chat settings, Chat backup and then tap Back Up Now.

If you want to directly restore the backup of your WhatsApp, you need to reinstall WhatsApp. After the reinstall, you will be prompted to restore your most recent backup on first use of the app. By following the on-screen prompts, you can take the backup of your WhatsApp chats.

Send a broadcast message
Using this feature, you can send message to large number of people. Replies from the broadcast will be visible to you only.

For Android users
Go to Menu, tap New Broadcast, and then select the contacts you would like to get the message.

For iPhone users
Go to Chats screen, tap Broadcasts List, then tap New List at the bottom of the screen, select contacts from the list and then tap Create.

Send voice messages instead of typing
If you are not in mood to type your message, you can use this feature and send a voice message. To activate the feature, long-press the little mic icon till you are done with recording your message – release to send.

Migrate to a new phone number
If you want to change your contact number then this feature can help you out. It will automatically import your previous account information, groups and settings. Make sure your new number is active and able to receive calls and SMS.

Go to Menu > Settings > Account > Change Number and then type the old phone number in the first box, enter new number in the second one.

Send your current location
Using this feature, you can send your hotspot location to anyone. Tap on the Send Location in the attachment panel and your current location will be sent.

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