Top 10 Google search tips and tricks

Google Search
10 Google Search tips and tricks

Google – a word that is very familiar to us and has, in fact, become an inseparable part of our daily cyber life. Google’s search engine is a great platform that helps us find things in one way or the other. There are various hidden Google search tricks and tips that are destined to help you get more out of the leading search engine.

Here goes the list of top 10 amazing Google search tips and tricks that will, for sure, make your web search experience more enjoyable than you ever thought possible.

1 Definitions
Just by typing the ‘define’ word before your query, Google provides instant results as definitions. For example – if you want to know the definition of technology, just type define technology and you will get the most relevant and accurate results. Isn’t it interesting?

2 Currency conversions
Google helps you with real-time currency conversions. For example – you can covert Euro to Indian Rupee or Dollar to Euro, according to your need.

3 Global time
Google search helps you find local timings of any country or region by just typing time and the name of the country in Google search. For example – Time America or America Time.

4 Mathematical calculations
Google search helps you do any mathematical calculation with ease. You can just type the expression for which you need answer.
For example: cos(x), sin(x), sqrt(x) etc. where x= 1,2,3……n

5 Unit conversion
Google search helps you convert different units quickly and easily. Just type unit conversion in the search tool, and you’re good to go. With this cool trick, you can easily convert different SI units, including temperature, mass, length, volume, speed, time, area, etc. For example, Google can show instant and accurate results if you want to convert 1001KM into Meters.

6 Find weather information
Using Google search you can easily find weather conditions of any country or city. Just type weather followed by the country/city name in the Google search box to get instant results.
For example: weather US

7 Open blocked websites
An interesting one! Google helps you open some blocked websites as well. You can search cache: address of blocked website. For example: cache:

8 Calculator
Google search helps you with an online calculator. Type your numbers and calculate whatever you want.
For example: 78+25-5*9=58

9 Maps
With Google search you can directly open maps of various locations. There is no need to head to Google Maps for the same.
For example: Map India

10. Search for specific topics
You can also search for specific topics with the help of Google search. Type Mac, Windows, Linux, etc. and get the results quickly.
For example: Android versions, Windows tutorials, etc.

In a nutshell, all the aforementioned Google search tips and tricks are really valuable. Stay tuned to get more on Google search. Happy Googling!

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