Alphabet Inc adds a V for Verily

Alphabet Inc adds a V for Verily
Alphabet Inc has renamed their life sciences unit to Verily.

Alphabet Inc., the parent company of Google has decided to add a new alphabet ‘V’ to its montage of alphabets. As of today, Alphabet Inc’s life sciences unit will be known as Verily. Prior to Alphabet’s birth, the life sciences division was a part of the Google X research and development unit.

Alphabet became the parent company for Google sometime in October, after which everything under Google came under the direct control of the parent Alphabet Inc.

Along with a new name, the company has also got a separate website for itself. According to the website,

“As an independent company, Verily is focused on using technology to better understand health, as well as prevent, detect, and manage disease.”

The company, as it states on its Website, aims to bring together a chemist, an engineer, a doctor, a behavioral scientist, and everyone else together to build a better understanding of health and to make the prevention, detection, and management of diseases easier and more efficient.

The current executive committee list for the life sciences company includes a 6-member list, with Andy Conrad supervising the company as its CEO.

At present Verily is having a number of projects to involve into, including the development of a smart contact lens that has an embedded glucose sensor. Verily is developing the famous glucose sensor project with aid from Swiss drug maker Novartis.

Furthermore, a multi-year project is already undertaken by the company’s research team. Known as the Baseline Study, it aims at identification of the traits associated with a healthy person and to study the kind of changes that takes place during the healthy-to-infected transition.

Let’s see what new amazements the life sciences company bring to the medical field with a new name.

Stayed tuned for more Verily!

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