Samsung, SmartThings team up to produce Smart TVs

Samsung, SmartThings, Smart TV
Samsung and SmartThings team up to produce Smart TVs

Samsung has been enjoying a great Smart TV experience for some time now, all thanks to the gadget’s magnificent picture quality, smart OS, and a large number of apps available for you to toy with. Enjoying the feel, the South Korea-based tech company is now looking forward to introducing an all-new line of Smart TVs teaming up with SmartThings, the IoT firm.

Samsung asserts that SmartThings will let you easily monitor, control and secure your home straight from the comfort of your TV. With aid from SmartThings, the yet-to-arrive Smart TVs will enable you to use your TV as an interface to control your home.

Although there are hundreds of connected-via-Internet devices currently rolling in the market, none of these devices can be united in the absence of some means to enable such devices to exchange information much like humans do, i.e. a connective language needs to be developed.

Hence, to make the distant dream come true, SmartThings has decided to introduce a connective language between the connected-via-Internet devices by joining forces with potential interfaces such as the Amazon Echo.

Moreover, the move will allow Samsung SUHD TV owners to use their TVs as a controller device for 200+ IoT (Internet of Things) devices. Plus, it will also allow users to connect with the Internet of Things to bring personalized television interface on their Smart TVs.

Taking a step forward, the Smart TVs can be employed to set up a perfect environment for home theater experience. You can customize brightness, hue and intensity according to your living room lights to enjoy your favorite movie matching your mood while having a gaze from your security cameras positioned outside.

Samsung launched its SmartThings company sometime in 2014 with the idea of connecting more objects and different devices to the Web. As the service is piling up the devices on its iteration, it is becoming more difficult and challenging to make those devices controllable.

Let’s see what the South Korean tech giant brings to the world in near future.

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