Best 5 budget home theater speakers

Best 5 budget home theater speakers
Top 5 budget home theater speakers

While the rest of the world may be cashing in on LED/LCD craze, the audiophile in you still needs a pair of loudspeakers to do audio-justice to your home theater. Moreover, to appreciate the true majesty of movies on blu-ray, you’ll need to invest in a decent sound system that can make a vital difference to your home cinema experience.

Finding complimentary individual speakers for your home theater can be a pain, especially when you have recently visited an electronics store (local or online) and have likely been confronted by an army of speakers.

Whether you’re starting from scratch and looking for something to pair with an amp, or you have plenty to spend or want to get something in a tighter budget, we have picked the top 5 home theater speakers. The brand may be unfamiliar, but each speaker is a stand out winner.

1. Pioneer SP-SB03 Speaker Base: Today’s modern loudspeakers aren’t the boxy black coffin and rather they have become streamlined pieces of art, and Pioneer SP-SB03 is one of them. It is built like a tank that offers excellent sound for both movies as well as for streaming music. The device supports up to 55-inch TVs and comes with 4 discreet speakers: two 3-inch mid-range drivers and two 4-inch woofers on the bottom. SP-SB03 retails for $558.95, you can grab this from any of the electronics store.

2. Energy Take Classic 5.1:  Bagging a good score, Energy Take Classic 5.1 is one of the most affordable sound bar that you can get. It is a 5.1 surround system having enough power to fill your living room with detailed sound whether it’s for music or movie-watching. Made up of beautiful piano-black finish, the speakers look more expensive than its budget price. As for a compact surround-sound like system, it comes with a six-piece system with four satellites. You just have to shell out $299.99 from your pocket to seal the product.

3. Vizio S4251w-B4:  For a $328 price mark, Vizio S4251w-B4 is a surround sound system that can deliver faux surround sound eliminating the need of extra speakers. With the super-saving credentials aside, the Vizio S4251w-B4 brings together built-in Bluetooth, Dolby/DTS decoding and the all-new subwoofers. What makes the S4251w-B4 to stand out from the competition are its dedicated rear speakers which means, with it you can minimize the clutter of wires. Also, the remote control of this sound bar features clean caliber with minimum buttons and the volume buttons are in the tilted form to let you easily adjust controls.

4. Monoprice 8247: The Monoprice 8247 can be your choice if you want to spend the least amount of money on something that could be considered high-quality. With a price tag of $50, you can’t expect superior sound quality from something this affordable. Made up of four small two-way satellite speakers, the Monoprice 8247 can be perched on shelves or any other furniture. Its sound system has enough power to fill your living room with a beautiful, detailed sound.

5. Fluance SX-HTB: If you want something with a top-class performance minus the high cost, the Fluance SX-HTB must be the one for you. This Canadian speaker firm has a good record of delivering good quality sound. It comes with a five-piece speaker package along with a pair of gorgeous, full size matching speaker and two small surround speakers. Beyond that, its setup is a breeze, its works as a speakerphone, and has a nice variety of controls. The whole ensemble is finished in Natural Beech vinyl wrap. From its chick looks and wonderful sound, the Fluance SX-HTB is worth every penny. You can grab the speaker system from any electronics store at an expense of $399.99.

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