How to set up Amazon Echo

How to setup Amazon Echo
Amazon Echo emerged as a sleeper hit.

Amazon unveiled Echo, a tall black cylindrical Wi-Fi speaker that listen and talks, sometime in 2014. Amazon Echo is a beautiful combination of scintillating features and latest tech. It’s a kind of speaker that can sit anywhere in your home and do a lot many things like answer your questions, set timers, play music, and keep you up to date with latest sports and current news.

I activated my Amazon Echo for the first time yesterday and have already seen my abode change like never before. I asked for weather, streamed some songs and listened to news from a local radio station till my mum called me up for supper.

Later that evening when my mom and I were preparing dinner, I again had some fun time with Echo and this time, even she witnessed the comfort. We were setting timers and alarms to see who cooks fast. Moreover, after dinner, we asked Echo to add grocery items to our shopping list. It was totally fun personalizing Echo.

Setting Amazon Echo is quite easy for techies, but for those non-tech novices, it can be a bit cumbersome.

So here are some steps that can help you set up your Amazon Echo:

  • Place your device at the center: At least 8-inches away from walls or windows. You can place it on your kitchen counter, in your bedroom, in the dining, or any place you wish.
  • Turn on your Amazon Echo: Just plug the included power adapter to the device and then to the power outlet. When the light ring on your Echo, it turns from blue to orange signaling that it is ready to greet you.
  • Open the Alexa app: One more thing you need to do while starting Amazon Echo is to download Alexa app. The app is available for Fire OS, iOS, Android, and other web browsers. Just download this free app and easily manage your music, shopping list, alarms and many more. The app is already available on some mobile devices, and if not, you can download it from the PlayStore.
  • Connect Amazon Echo to a Wi-Fi network: To connect your Amazon Echo to a Wi-Fi network, just go to Connect Amazon Echo To Wi-Fi.  If it doesn’t connect to your Wi-Fi network, restart the device. If it troubles again, then reset your Amazon Echo to its factory setting and set it up again.
  • Talk to your Amazon Echo: Now your Echo is ready, you can now use your device to talk. To get started command “wake word” and then speak whatever you want to your Amazon Echo. You can also change your wake word from the Alexa app at any time. To change, go to the Settings>Amazon Echo>Word.

With the new technology, Amazon nailed how virtual assistants are meant to work. Even if you don’t have Siri, Cortana or Google Now, I urge you to give Amazon Echo a shot. I’m sure you will admire the virtual personal assistant as much as I do.

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