5 tips to take a perfect Selfie

Take a perfect selfie
Take a perfect selfie

We are living in a selfie-crazy era and personally, I love taking selfies too. Capturing your special moments anytime, isn’t it awesome?

Taking selfies is a fun way to express your confidence and fashion sense to the world. From award-night celebrities to schoolchildren, almost everyone is on the trend of the season.

It might sound silly, but learning to pose for a selfie will create a drastic difference in how you appear in your stills. Don’t just point your camera to your face and click an unplanned capture. Selfie-taking is an art that can amaze your friends, provided you master it to perfection.

Perfect selfie

So here today we share with you some astounding tips on how to take a perfect selfie

1. Capture your selfie posing at a sound angle

Exploit the geometry: know your angles!

Instead of capturing a usual picture, try some different angles and let the world know how beautiful or handsome you are. If you tilt your head a few degree to either side, your features will look less flat. Moreover, hold your camera a touch above your head, pointing it down so that your eyes can look big and impress the world.

2. Say cheese, cheer the world

A sad or dull face will do no good to your selfie experience. Your photographs are the first impression of your personality. As a thumb rule, people use the pictures you share with your friends or upload on social networks to define you. So keep smiling, but not too posed. Capture your photos while you are really happy and make sure your beam reaches your eyes.

3. Find the best lighting and be you

Flash! Flash! Flash! There is nothing worse than taking a selfie without proper light. Having a selfie in a bad light can lead to shadow on your face and can taint your eyes black. The golden time to capture your photograph is at sunrise or sundown when the light is most pleasant. If you want to take a selfie in the meantime, you can use your mobile effects and set the light for a perfect selfie.

4. Check background before clicking

Another important, or perhaps very important, element in taking a perfect selfie is to choose a good and appealing background. Always check your surrounding before taking a selfie and head to a place which is beautiful and clutter-free.

5. Stay still

Needless to say, this tip really works. It is really important to stay still while taking a selfie. Though it demands practice, being still is essential for capturing non-wobbly images. Just take a deep breath, relax, smile, and take a prefect selfie.

If these tips don’t work out well for you then here’s an automated solution to help you capture a perfect snap shot of yours. Free download Selfie Lele app from Play Store or App Store and get set to take your selfie craze to new heights.

Selfie Lele app
Selfie Lele is the next big buzz in the world of selfie apps. Just capture your selfies, edit them with trendy cool new effects and share with your friends from just about anywhere.

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