5 new Gmail features you probably didn’t know

5 new Gmail features
5 new Gmail features

If you have been using Gmail since long, you must be familiar with each and every Gmail feature! Is it so? Well, not really – since Google upgrades its Gmail service from time to time, thereby adding new modern-day features to enhance user experience.

The list of Gmail features has a real long tail. Here we have tapered it down to enlist some incredibly cool new features that are destined to enhance your productivity on the Google Mail.

  1. Encrypted text

TLS encryption
The gigantic email client supports TLS encryption to help you stay safe while sending and receiving emails. It automatically encrypts all incoming and outgoing emails and, if your email address is not supporting TLS encryption, Gmail will send a notification to you by displaying a broken lock icon in the message.

  1. Rich text formatting

Rich text formatting
While sending emails using mobiles apps, it’s difficult to change text format to (say) Bold, Italics, etc. Google has, therefore, released a new update to help you play around with text format as per your preference.

Though rich-text formatting has long been available for the web version, Google has now made it live for mobile users as well.

  1. Instant RSVPs

Gmail Instant RSVPs
This is another very useful feature that was earlier available only for web, and has been made available to mobile users just recently. Using the feature, you can easily respond to a Google Calendar or Microsoft Exchange invite. It embeds Yes, Maybe and No RSVP response options within emails that comprise of calendar invitations.

Just by tapping on the event, an itinerary opens for the day and time; tapping Yes will add the event to your calendar. So from now on, there will be no conflict in scheduling and accepting invitations.

  1. Gmailify

Get Gmail features for all your non-Gmail accounts

Google has recently introduced a new feature called Gmailify that links your existing accounts, including Yahoo or Hotmail accounts, to Gmail. Since 2015, Google has allowed users to manage their mails from all non-Gmail accounts via Gmail Android app. But now, users can access features, including Spam protection, Google cards, in-box organization and more on other email addresses, through Gmailify.

The service is currently available for Yahoo and Hotmail accounts. However, Google is planning to expand its reach to cover more email providers.

  1. Alert for spurious messages

unauthentic messages
Gmail will now send notifications to its users about unauthentic messages using a question mark. So while receiving an email, if your client suspects any message that is not relevant then, instead of viewing sender’s profile photo or avatar, you will see a question mark.

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