How the PC gaming industry is challenging consoles like Xbox One and PS4

PC Gaming Industry
Its PC Gaming vs. PS4 vs. Xbox.

From the past several years, PC gaming industry has lagged behind modern gaming platforms Xbox and PlayStation but now things are going to change as the industry is regaining its momentum and is ready to hit back with a bang.

Over the past few years, PC gaming has made a bit of a comeback. Now we are not very far from the day when PC gaming will overcome Xbox and PS4 market and will emerge as the primary choice for all gamers.

Reasons behind the revival of PC gaming industry

There are several reasons behind the revival of PC gaming market. Let’s have a look:

1. You don’t need any additional hardware to play games

Gaming Accessories

The most basic reason for the increasing popularity of PC gaming industry is that you don’t have to spend extra bucks on gaming hardware for PC like you need to do for PS4 and Xbox One.

To play a PC game, you just need to purchase a copy of the game, install it on your PC and you are ready to play. On the other hand, if you are looking to play the same game on PS4 and Xbox One, you have to invest a few hundred bucks to purchase the console, then purchase the game and then finally you’ll get to play it.

Overall, playing games on PC cost you much less when compared to enjoying

it on Xbox One and PS4.

2. PCs are getting more powerful and gaming oriented

Powerful PC Gaming

When we compare today’s PCs with older ones, which you owned in your childhood, you’ll notice a huge difference. Over the years, PCs have grown to be incredibly powerful and faster in terms of processing and graphics capabilities. Now you can play HD games featuring jaw-dropping graphics and real-time experience, which you could once only think to play on either the PlayStation and Xbox.

So, you don’t really need to spend extra bucks on purchasing an additional gaming console when you can easily play the same games on your PC?

3. Publishers are releasing games for multiple platforms

Gaming Publishers

With time, gaming publishers have gone incredibly smart. They know very well that they won’t be able to target big customers if they release it just for a single platform. Hence, they release games for near about all major platforms.

So if a game is there for PS4 or Xbox One, there are pretty good chances that the game will also be released for PC. So, why to waste money on additional gaming hardware, when you can enjoy the title on your own PC.

4. Emulators have made it possible to stream console games on PC

Video Games Emulators

Emulators have made it possible to play console games on your PC, without the need of any external software or hardware. Now, any Xbox One and PS4 games can be easily played on PC with the help of emulators, thus eliminating the need of any Xbox One or PS4 console.

Future of PC gaming Industry

Futuristic Gaming

There was a time when PC gaming industry was lacking far behind than gaming consoles and it seemed like the industry will come to an end very soon. But now things have taken a different course and PC gaming industry is giving a close run to Xbox One and PS4.

The PC game platform Steam, which allows players to buy PC games and share content worldwide, claims to have 125 mn active users which is far more than 48mn Xbox Live and 110mn Playstation Network users.

Last year, £689m was spent in the UK on buying new consoles which is down from £914 mn in 2014.

Well one thing is clear from all these figures that PC gaming industry is emerging as a great challenge for Xbox One and PS4. The industry is showing tremendous growth and very soon will take over Xbox One and PS4 gaming markets.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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