Apple likely to launch 5.8-inch iPhone with OLED display

5.8-inch iPhone
5.8-inch iPhone

For those who think that the screen of iPhone 6 is massive, Apple’s rumored future iPhone will perhaps overshadow the thought.

Apple, taking another step forward in its smartphone lineup, is reportedly working on a bigger 5.8-inch iPhone that could come in 2017 or 2018.

Rumor has it that Apple will directly move from 5.5-inch screen to 5.8, which will really be too big. The upcoming smartphone is expected to ditch LCD display for an OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) display, a technology that is already being used by Apple’s major rival Samsung. Samsung is using the OLED technology in its Galaxy S series.

If rumors hold up then the upcoming smartphone will be the first iPhone to support an OLED display. iPhone Pro, which is expected to take Apple sales up, will perhaps also come with larger display.

According to reports, Apple has opened up a secret production laboratory in Taiwan in order to focus on making new display technologies. Apple apparently has more than 50 engineers there to create new iPhone screens.

Change in the screens might get a significant output within the first year of the launch, according to various estimations. It is expected that the upcoming OLED-supported iPhone will grab over 50mn sales in the first year.

With the decision of making a change in screens, it seems as if Apple wants to assist its users with more goodies as OLED display offers brighter output and is thinner than LCD panels. Moreover, OLED display is more power efficient compared to the likes of LCD panel.

Only time will reveal if the Cupertino-based company will convince its iPhone users with larger screen. Meanwhile, tech enthusiasts are more interested to know about Apple’s next launch in the March 21 event.

According to grapevine, a 4-inch iPhone called iPhone SE along with a 9.7-inch iPad Pro and new Apple Watch will steal the show at the upcoming March event.

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