Google’s Skybox Imaging is now Terra Bella

Google’s satellite Skybox Imaging is now Terra Bella
Google’s satellite Skybox Imaging is now Terra Bella

Google plans to rethink geospatial data in a bigger way. The company is now re-naming its satellite startup from Skybox Imaging to Terra Bella.

Google acquired Skybox Imaging in 2014 with the intent to improve Internet connectivity worldwide and to develop its mapping products. The satellite imagery website maintains an up-to-date collection of over 100,000 images.

Now with a new name, the company is going beyond satellite imagery with a new mission pioneering the search for patterns to change the physical world.

The new rebranded satellite company, Terra Bella will not only put small imaging satellites into a fixed orbit but will also analyze subsequent images of the orbits.

Just like Skybox Imaging, Terra Bella will continue to deploy other satellites but with a broader machine learning capabilities, geospatial data sources and with a team of experts.

Skybox Imaging founder John Fenwick and Ching-Yu Hu wrote in a blog post,

“As proud we are to have played a leading role in developing satellite technologies, we have realized that our vision extends far beyond boxes in the sky.”

As compared to Skybox Imaging, Terra Bella will share far more geospatial info. It will also share more info about the products that the company is developing. The company will also let users know how to make the best out of the products.

The company has also explained the cases that Terra Bella has used like port traffic, disaster effects and mining development.

Instead on just updating images for Google, the company wants to offer its data directly to the users. However, time will decide what the Terra Bella will end up doing.

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