Sony 4K PlayStation 4 might come in 2017

Sony 4K PlayStation 4

Sony 4K PlayStation 4 might be the next gaming console by Sony.

The hyped Sony 4K PlayStation 4 console is touted to feature enough graphics Horsepower to enable 4K gaming. With an odd name, the upgraded version of the PS 4 might incorporate some fantastic features. The rumors indicate that Sony might, most probably, begin selling a 4K-compatible PlayStation 4 by the next year.

The upcoming console would require higher graphics capabilities than the present version of PS4. The new updated version would be dubbed as PS4.5. It will include both – an updated processor and a faster GPU.

Both the elements are necessary to output PS4 games at 4K level, which demand more power than it takes to push a game out at 1080p. Right now, the current PS4 version supports 4K photos and videos but not 4K games.

If the rumors come out to be true by next year, then the Japanese tech giant will move one step further against its rival Microsoft. There’s a lot of competition in the market and Sony seems to grab a hold with the new console release.

Sony might increase the size and load of the chassis, considering that the machine will be producing an excess of heat which will require a proper medium of airflow and space to exit.

The GPU will assist in improving the games compatible with PlayStation VR headset expected to launch this fall. With the release of Sony 4k PlayStation 4, the company will be able to get better traction with other products like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive VR headsets. Both of these expensive deals demand PCs with rigid hardware to output proper number of frames.

Though console mid-cycle update is a big deal, still it would make much sense. Already the TV sets are transforming to 4K. New affordable 4K models are making their way into the market. Maybe in the near future, we might be experiencing most of the models as in 4K.

Console making companies might be shifting from the concept of nearly decade-long hardware cycles. Microsoft has already made its move saying that the Xbox One could get new hardware updates. So it does make sense that you shouldn’t be too much surprised with Sony going with a similar approach.

As the console is still a rumor, there’s no idea of its price and availability but you can bet that it’s going to cost more than the PS4.

Stay tuned for more PS4 updates!

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