How to memorialize a Facebook account

How To Memorialize A Facebook Account
Memorializing the Facebook account of a dear one that just passed away is a good way to give a tribute to that person.

When you die, what happens to your Facebook account? If one had the foresight to nominate a legacy contact before they die, Facebook will hand over the remains of the account to the nominated contact with the proof of death.

But what to do when your loved one, given the gigantic number of young Facebook users, never got the time to designate a nominee and manage their social media affairs properly?

Well, if someone in your Facebook friend’s list has passed away and their account still remains active, here are the two options you can have:

1. Legacy Contacts

Facebook Legacy Contacts

The name is titled by the account holder before the death of the real owner. It can be someone from family or a friend who would be able to manage the deceased person’s memorialized account after they die.

Legacy contacts are allowed to post a pinned post at the top of the deceased person’s Timeline. They can also revert to new friend requests, and update the person’s profile photo and cover photo.

Legacy contacts can also download an archive of the user’s photo, with the permission of the deceased user. Only thing is they can’t login into the account and see any private messages, info etc. They likewise can’t remove or delete user’s past photos, posts, or friends.

You can choose a legacy contact simply by:

  • Logging to your Facebook account
  • Go into Settings
  • Click on Security
  • Choose Legacy Contact
  • Click Edit
  • Type the name of your friend or whomsoever you wish to nominate as your legacy contact
  • Click Add

You can choose to notify the added legacy contact of your move by clicking Send or else Not Now, if you like to keep it a secret. Ultimately, they will be notified of your decision, as when you die, they will need to ask Facebook to memorialize your active account.

Once you are done, you will find the option to let them download a copy of your Facebook account under Data Archive Permission. To allow access to your legacy contact do it, click Checkbox and then click Close.

2. Memorializing one’s Facebook account

Memorialized Facebook Account

So finally when your friend passes away without designating a legacy contact, you can still request Facebook to memorialize their account using a form. What you would need to submit is the person’s name, date of death, and optional proof of death like a link to an obituary.

The memorialized account will show the word “Remembering” before the person’s name, and won’t be highlighted in Facebook’s ads, “People You May Know” and sending out reminders on the person’s birthday.

You can’t login to the memorialized account, this way avoiding any possibilities of getting hacked. If you are an immediate family member, you can also request Facebook to close the account instead of making it memorialized.

You can do this by using Facebook’s Special Request for Deceased Person’s Account form. You would be required to submit the deceased person’s full email address, date of death, and the URL of their Timeline.

You might also need to submit the proof that you are an immediate family member of the person. You can do this by providing birth certificate, death certificate, or proof of authority.

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