How to remove personal data from Photos app in Windows 10

Remove Personal Data From Photos
Know about EXIF data and how to remove it.

Windows 10 features Photos app, an app where you can find all your photos neatly lined. However, there’s much more to photos than just what meets the eye. Each file has EXIF data or metadata that stores your camera’s make and model data.

Photos even stores the time and date the photo was taken, and GPS coordinates in case you’ve taken the photo from a phone with geo-tagging enabled at the moment.

As a matter of luck, Microsoft allows you a solution to delete the sensitive data in Windows 10. You can likewise turn off geo-tagging if you’d rather not tire putting all your photos through your desktop before you upload them online.

Here are the 7 simple steps to remove personal data from Photos app for Windows 10:

Step 1

Open the folder that stores the photo you wish to delete metadata from.

Step 2

Right click on the selected photo and click on Properties. You can also mark several photos at a time and then click on Properties.

Step 3

From the Properties window, click on the Details icon to view photo’s metadata.

Step 4

At the bottom of the window, click Remove Properties and Personal Information.

Step 5

In case you wish to delete entire metadata right from the selected file, click on –Remove the following properties from this file. Afterwards, select all the property values you want to remove. Click OK to delete the entire data.

Step 6

In case you wish to retain a copy of the file alongwith the metadata, click on Create a copy with all possible properties removed. It will create a copy of the selected file with metadata removed but you will still own an original metadata-filled file.

Step 7

Windows 10’s metadata-deletion tool isn’t that great. At its worst, you may end up deleting your entire personal data from your photos. You can opt for a third-party tool available to delete data from the Photos app in Windows 10 if you bump into some bizarre issues.

Following these simple 7 steps will let you remove personal data from Photos app for Windows 10. Just make sure to follow the sequence of the steps mentioned.

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