New HP ultra thin laptop challenges Apple’s Macbook

New HP Ultra Thin Laptop
HP is all set to lock horns with Apple Macbook.

HP, the Californian tech giant, is all set to boast its latest ultra-thin laptop innovation. The new HP ultra thin laptop is scheduled for a launch during the International Luxury Conference. The event is scheduled for Tuesday, April 5th.

Though HP fans are already excited for the latest launch, what’s more intriguing for them now is the statement made by HP. Just some couple of hours before the unveiling of its newest gadget, HP PC Chief Ron Coughlin made an astonishing statement. In his words,

“For years, Apple has been seen as the innovator and the driver of innovation but now, HP is really taking over that mantle.”

Not only HP fans are excited from the very statement but, it has also succeeded in attracting a lot of mainstream attention towards HP and the latest “innovation” itself.

Even if the statement looks to be a little overstretched, HP can’t be neglected just for being another tech boaster. Earlier in January, HP wooed CES audience with its less-than-an-half-inch wide notebook PC endorsed as Elitebook Folio.

Elitebook Folio is much thinner than Apple’s MacBook. However, what’s more surprising and unbelievable is that the upcoming HP release might be even thinner than the Elitebook Folio itself.

This single fact, if true, puts HP in authority to make the combative statement for the all new HP ultra thin laptop. Anyhow, whether this turns out to be true or not will only be revealed during the event.

NPD analyst Stephen Baker shed some light on HP’s statement by exclaiming,

“The challenge for doing really, really thin and light products is it’s very, very thin and light segment to go after.”

With more and more laptop-makers going from full-sized laptops to devise powerful ultra-thin systems, it is worthless to suspect who’ll have the last laugh. Anyhow, HP for now has triumphed to attract a lot of eyeballs for its next innovation display.

The International Luxury Conference is scheduled for Tuesday, April 5th at Versailles. Let’s see whether HP will succeed once again in enticing audiences with its ultra-thin laptop or will the display turns out to be a flop show. Stay tuned to know.

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