8 really cool tips and tricks for new iPhone users

tips and tricks for new iphone users
tips and tricks for new iphone users

Got a new iPhone? Great! You must be pretty much excited to use the device. Without wasting your time, you’ll open the box and start exploring. However, very soon you’ll find yourself stuck in settings and googling various tips and tricks for new iPhone users.

That’s why we’ve come up with a list of 8 really cool tips and tricks for new iPhone users. These tips will help you get along with the device. Let’s get started:

Cool tips and tricks for new iPhone users

1. Adjust brightness

adjust iPhone brightness

This is the very first thing you need to do with your iPhone. Brighter your screen, Faster it will consume your battery! So you should lower the brightness setting, dropping it to 50 percent or even less. This will eventually result in more battery power.

To adjust your iPhone brightness level:

  • Swipe up from the bottom and drag the brightness slider to around the midway mark

2. Turn on Do Not Disturb

do not disturb

If you are trying to sleep and don’t want your iPhone bother you with useless messages and phone calls, you can turn on do not disturb mode.

To turn on do not disturb mode:

  • Swipe up from the bottom and tap moon icon.

You can also navigate to Settings and can add more controls over this feature. You can set up scheduled time for Do not disturb to Switch on and off. You can even add some exceptions in the form of Allow Calls from.

You can also turn on the Repeated Calls option, so that you don’t skip important Calls.

3. Use numeric battery gauge

numeric battery guage

By default, your phone shows only a small battery gauge, which is not so informative. Here’s the fix:

  • Tap Settings > Battery and turn on Battery Percentage

Now you’ll have numeric reading alongside your battery icon, which provides more detailed information about your battery stats.

4. Enhance text size

enhance text size

Although iOS has a default font size, you can enhance it as per your preference. To do so:

  • Tap Settings > Display & Brightness > Text Size and drag the slider in either direction until it seems more comfortable.

You can also improve readability by tapping Settings > General > Accessibility and enabling the Bold Text option.

5. Configure auto-lock

configure auto lock

Most of the times people leave their phones on and active, which is not only a security risk and a battery killer, but also may result in accidentally calling or texting people.

To avoid such a horrible situation, you must configure auto-lock. Auto-lock option automatically locks your phone after a particular interval of time. To configure auto-lock:

  • Tap Settings > General > Auto-Lock, and then set it according to your preference.

6. Add more fingers to Touch ID

add more finger to touch ID

All newer iPhones come up with Touch ID, the fingerprint sensor that results in faster and easy lock-screen security.

Normally new iPhone users train Touch ID to recognize only one finger.

However, Touch ID can recognize up to five fingers. All you need to do is to train it to recognize more. To do so:

  • Tap Settings > Touch ID & Passcode and enter your numeric passcode
  • Now tap Add a Fingerprint and follow the steps
  • Repeat the process for any additional fingers you want to add

7. Turn off location services for non essentials

turn off location for non-essentials

Sharing your location with apps like Waze, Uber and Starbucks may have some benefit.

But what’s the point of sharing your location with non-essential apps like Fooducate, GroupMe and One Drive? Clearly no advantage in this for most of you.

In such case you need to see which applications have this feature enabled and turn off location services for unwanted applications. To do so:

  • Tap Settings > Privacy > Location Services and scroll down through the list

Here you’ll come across various options. Now decide whether you want to let the app know your location or not. If not, change it to never.

8. Create a new app folder

create new app folder

For new iPhone users, managing downloaded applications and media can be a little tricky. The best idea is to organize your apps into folders so that you can locate them more easily. To do so:

  • Tap and hold on the icons till they wiggle
  • Drag the icon over another icon of same category(e.g. if you want to create a games folder then drag a game icon say Angry Birds over another game icon say Temple run)

Doing so will create a folder which you can rename as per your choice.

The list of tips and tricks for new iPhone users ends here. But we’ll come up with more such tips and tricks for new iPhone users. Till then follow the above tips! Explore your device! And know it more!





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