How to stop Facebook quizzes from spamming your friends

Facebook quizzes
How to stop Facebook quizzes from spamming your friends

If you’re a Facebook quizzes addict, yet hate how the quizzes bug everyone in your feed, check out this quick guide on how to stop Facebook quizzes from spamming your friends every time.

Facebook quizzes are so enticing. Obviously you would love to know who you were in a past life and what you your fashion style is! It makes your experience with the platform more engaging and something interesting than a social media platform. Yet the main issue with these quizzes is that they frequently send spammy messages to everybody you know.

The quizzes post things on your page automatically. Nothing make your friends to go for unfollow quicker than feed spam. Obviously you wouldn’t like your friends to leave your group just because of frequent spam from Facebook quizzes.

Fret not; the solution is also here to relieve you of continuously spamming your friends with the Facebook quizzes. You can stop the spam and keep your quizzes by making a point to click on the right options.

When you tap on a quiz, the majority of them will ask you, “Who can see updates from this app?” Always click “Only Me”.

Despite the fact that you pick the option to disable it, you can still take the quiz. You can also post the results, in the event you like or want to share. When the quiz does posts spam on your feed, however, only you will have the capacity to see the post, and your friends won’t be annoyed anymore.

Did you already do a quiz and it won’t quit spamming?

Simply go to Settings > Apps and then tap on the photo of the pencil adjacent to the quiz app and select Only Me. You can also click on the “X” to remove the app.

This handy guide to stop Facebook quizzes from spamming your friends will help you enjoy the entertaining quizzes without compromising your friends.

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How to stop Facebook quizzes from spamming your friends
Stop Facebook quizzes from spamming your friends. This quick guide will help you play Facebook quizzes without bothering your friends.
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