How to search mails with Gmail Search Operators

How to search Mails with Gmail Search Operators
How to search Mails with Gmail Search Operators

The widely used email platform Gmail offers support for an array of search operators to help you instantly find mails buried in your inbox. Using these clever operators, the gigantic email and messaging platform allows you to find your emails precisely and fast. In this tutorial, we have summed up some tricks that will help you search your mails with Gmail search operators. Let’s dig a little deeper and find how to make use of these Gmail tricks.

Check the basics of Gmail Search

gmail advanced search

Before moving forward, let us help you get familiar with the basics of Gmail search. Have you ever noticed the search bar at the very top of your Gmail account? If not, just go ahead and check it now! You’ll find a little arrow in the very right of the search bar. Clicking on it will open Gmail search options form for you. Just fill the form and start using Gmail search field. In most of the cases, using this basic form is much helpful than typing our specific search operators.

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If you are a seasoned professional then Gmail advanced Search Operators are there for you:

Search Mails in Gmail by Date

The procedure to find messages in Gmail by date is quite simple. Check some examples below:

To check emails sent in last week or 7 days: type newer_than: 7d from: me

To check email received in the month of January 2017 :  type after:2017/1/01 to: me

With the help of Date search operator in Gmail, you can easily locate sent or received mails in a specified period.

gmail search tips

Search mails with time-based searches

The massive mail and messaging platform also help users to find their mails with time-based searches. Thus, you can find mails in the specific second, minute or hour. For example, you can limit your email search received between Jan 7, 9:00 AM and Jan 7, 9:45 AM.

To make use of one of these Gmail search operators, simply convert the date and time to Epoch Time and then use the timestamp (Jan 7, 9:00 AM and Jan 7, 9:45 AM) with the standard after or before Gmail search operator.

Search mails with filename

gmail filename search

The filename operator in Gmail is the more advanced option to search mails in Gmail with attachments. With the help of this Gmail search operator, you can search for filename: technology to search for any attachments that have the word technology in the file name. You can even search for filename:jpg to find any attachments that are jpg documents.

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How to search Mails with Gmail Search Operators
In this tutorial, we have summed up some tricks that will help you search your mails with Gmail search operators.
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