Top 10 free online video editors 2017

Top 10 free online video editors 2017
Top 10 free online video editors 2017

When it comes to video editing, there are a bunch of tools available for Windows and Mac. But there are some users who just don’t want to clutter up their computer with too many editing apps. Sensing this need, we’ve been tinkering with apps for quite some time to provide you a list of top 10 online video editors 2017 to personalize your videos. So, take a meal loaded with coke and popcorn and sit on a couch as we’re going to take out the next firelight from out of the best box.

In today’s world, videos play an important role in our life and this saying proves even true when Facebook rolls out personalized Friends Day Videos to celebrate its 13th birthday.

Many of you may think that online video editing is a rocket science. Well, it’s as easy as watching online movies on your smartphone. Videos have become the number one canvas for the digital storytellers of today as they shape the imagination in the way you like. Put your memorable moments in a video and ride your friends and family to a joyful journey of your life with them. Our top 10 video editors will help you to turn into an armchair filmmaker. Now, on the nitty-gritty details, here’s the list:

Online video editors 2017

1. WeVideo


Let’s take the first step into our list of top 10 online video editors with WeVideo. It is a shared online video maker, i.e. you can have many people working on a project at any time. The collaborative environment fostered in the app boasts a lot of fun while editing videos.

Another hugely admired feature of the software is its Google Drive app. Provided that WeVideo’s Google Drive allows you to save all your complete and incomplete projects, you need not worry about saving your incomplete projects on your system. Google Drive can be very useful to safeguard your important data. If you are a little worried about WhatsApp data, go through our guide on backup your WhatsApp data on Google Drive.

2. YouTube Video Editor


When it comes to viewing and hosting your videos, you’ll most probably knock at YouTube’s door. So, why not take you through YouTube’s very own Video Editor. With some awesome features like combining multiple videos, trimming videos, blurring tools, adding special effects, adding sound or music from its soundtrack library, YouTube Video Editor can be termed as one of the best online video editors 2017.

Furthermore, the app has the largest collection of creative common videos from which you can choose anyone to add into your edited videos. You can even blur moving objects with its new revamped blurring tool.

3. PowToon


PowToon provides a sublime way to create and edit videos online. If you want to make a video that is to serve as a kind of useful guide, then PowToon is the online video editing tool you want to use.

It lets you make a digital version of paper cut-outs overlapped on colorful backgrounds. The application provides a full support for drag-and-drop functionality to make the most out of it. The only catch in using PowToon is that you only get 45 seconds to create and edit your videos unless you purchase its full version.

If you spend your most of time while online streaming, you can also read our 15 best free movie streaming websites to watch online movies and TV shows.

4. Wideo


Another one in our list of top 10 online video editors 2017 is Wideo. With the web app, you can create regular videos, animated videos, and other common craft-esque videos.

Unlike similar apps, you’re not limited to using stock elements such as images, cartoons, drawings, and text. It allows you to upload your own images, video footage as well as audios.

5. Weavly


Weavly provides a simple yet extremely efficient user interface with which you can use to mix, trim, and combine your favorite videos. It lets you add audio and video files from popular sites such as YouTube, SoundCloud, and Vine, and import GIFs and other animations from Imgur, Loopcam, and Tumblr. You may also know that Tumblr has added the support for live photos and 3D touch. So, you can add live photos to your videos as well if you’re using images from Tumblr.

6. Kaltura


Take your video editing experience to new heights with Kultura. It is one of widely used online video editors 2017 to smoothly and cleanly make astonishing videos.

The online service is pretty easy to use even for those who just venturing into video editing world. It comes up with all necessary features that you expect from an ideal online video editing tool.

7. Mixmoov


Mixmoov provides a customizable online video editing platform with a great ability to export HD 1080p videos. It includes many tools such as frame-level cuts and templates to personalize your videos.

What’s a key point of attraction in this web app is its cloud editing option. It lets you render your clips in an anon.

8. Shotclip


Shotclip is one of the outstanding online video editors 2017 which turns every amateur into a whiz at video editing. By following its simple 3-step process, anyone can make a great video.

The application also boasts a template guide that breaks down your videos, displaying you image by image so that you can find which shots are the best to tell your story in the form of a video.

9. Video Toolbox


Video Toolbox hosts an advanced file manager to help you upload and download videos from other sites on web. It allows you to upload video files up to 600 MB. You can also directly record streams using your webcam or another videocast device.

It works as a video converter too as it is capable of converting videos from one format to another.

10. Magisto


Video editing has grown in the market with the lightening speed. Maybe it’s reason why Google acquired Fly Labs photo and video editing startup in the previous year.

You can use Magisto Editor to edit and create your videos with your collection of photos. All you need to do is upload your photos or videos and select the portion where you want to add themes, music, text, effects, and transition.

It comes with several cool and eye-catching tools to enhance your video quality. With powerful features such as video stabilization, camera motion analysis, and face recognition, Magisto has rated one of the top best online video editors 2017.

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