Netflix App Review: King of Online Streaming

Netflix App Review: King of Online Streaming
Netflix App Review: King of Online Streaming

Netflix is one of the world’s leading subscription services to watch online movies and TV episodes on your device. Its robust catalog of films, TV shows, and ground-breaking original content make it the first choice of users, and new ability to download and watch videos later make it indispensable. Apart from offline viewing, the company added many new features to its streaming app. In this Netflix App review, we’ll take you through all the new features to make the most out of it.

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Netflix App Review

How much does Netflix Cost?

Netflix movies app is one of the simplest streaming services around, allowing subscribers to watch movies and TV shows anywhere and anytime. Users pay a monthly fee which they can cancel at any time. Before going through the app’s features, we’ll discuss its subscription packages in our Netflix app review.

There are three different subscription options are available, though the same value of content is available across all of them. The basic package is £5.99 per month; however, it nets you its instant video service. Also, it gives you an access to the SD streams only, so no HD for you.


The next is the Standard package which will deliver the Full HD, 1080p streams. It is available with £7.49 per month subscription fee.

There is also a Premium package which comes with a subscription fee of £8.99 per month. With this plan, you can access Netflix’s burgeoning 4K Ultra HD content library.

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How can you access Netflix?

Let’s move further in our Netflix app review by telling you how you can access it. There is a variety of devices on which you can easily access your Netflix account and most impressively, you can synchronize all your devices. This means, you can watch a movie on your desktop and you can pause it as well as pick up in the exact same place when logging back in on your big screen TV.

Apart from your computer, there are also Android and iOS apps as well as an entire suite of set-top boxes to access Netflix’s video library.


The video streaming app allows you to lock your account with a strong password to avoid unauthenticated users from stealing your account or your kids getting in and watching things that are inappropriate for them. There’s even a dedicated kids profile that provides an alternative layout and discards all inappropriate content.


What are Netflix’s Features?

Next highlight in our Netflix app review is its key features. Let’s have a look at salient features of Netflix app:

Netflix’s Library


Netflix is a pioneer of binge-watching, all thanks to its habit of putting its own shows live as soon as they arrive on the service. Moreover, it has become the ultimate choice of TV shows lovers because as soon as an episode of a show finishes, the next one is ready to play in a few seconds.

Offline viewing


Netflix recently added the ability to download movies and TV shows for offline viewing. It’s the perfect solution when you’re stuck on an airplane, in a subway tunnel, or anywhere else with limited Internet connectivity.

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Rate Movies


Netflix allows you to rate movies on a scale of one to five. It saves these ratings and then uses them to make recommendations for other movies and TV shows.

The Good

  • Provides suggestions based on your previously watched movies and TV series
  • Incredibly fast loading of content
  • Lets you create up to five individual profiles with a single Netflix account
  • Low price
  • Offers an unlimited streaming
  • Multi-device support

The Bad

  • Inconvenient design

Final Words

Netflix movies app gives you an easy access to a wide range of high-quality content. It is a stupendous application for those who want to access unlimited movies and TV shows. With so many features that we discussed in our Netflix app review, it can be termed as the best online movies app in the world.

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