Android Gmail App Now Lets You Send Money as an Attachment

Android Gmail App
Android Gmail App Now Lets You Send Money as an Attachment

Popular email service provider, Google has finally commenced its very own money transfer service. The service has been a part of Gmail desktop app for long, but with the latest update, Android Gmail app now lets you send money to your family members, roommates, friends, and colleagues.

The search engine first introduced the functionality to Gmail for the web in May 2013, long before Google Payments was deployed to handle all your financial information. It means it took the company to almost four years to bring the feature to Android.

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You can find this new feature in the attachment option, which is used to add documents and media files to an email. Similar to the Gmail web, you can send some cash or attach a payment request within a message. All you need is to:

It’s very easy to send and receive money within Gmail. All you need is to:

  • Tap on the attachment icon and then select Send Money option

This will open the Google Wallet panel and prompt you to enter the amount you want to send. You can also add an invoice to keep a record of the payment. Finally, you’ll need to send the mail.

Send Money via Gmail

The receiver will get the mail and see the payment or payment request inline with the message. In order to redeem the money sent via Gmail payment, he will need to:

  • Open the message with the attached money and then tap on Claim Money option

After this, he will be navigated to a verification and sign-up page for Google Wallet. This way you can use the feature to easily transfer money via Gmail. You don’t even need to pay any fee.

The best part about the new feature is that the email recipient doesn’t even need to install the Google Wallet app on his/her phone. Several other payment options are also available within the payment email. You can also select from other payment methods like credit card, debit card, net banking, etc. This way you can make payments as easily as sending files via email.

Overall, the new feature is a valuable addition to the Gmail app for Android. However, it only available in the U.S. Google didn’t say anything about its plans to roll out the feature worldwide. Let’s hope it happens very soon.

If you’re residing in the US, you can update your Android Gmail app right now to start making payments via Gmail.

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Android Gmail App Now Lets You Send Money as an Attachment
Google has rolled out a new feature to its Android Gmail app that will allow you to send money via email as an attachment.
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