20 Hidden YouTube Tricks that No One Knows About

Hidden YouTube Tricks
20 Hidden YouTube Tricks that No One Knows About

YouTube is regarded as one of the best media streaming platforms across the web. Most of us use the platform to watch movies and videos every day. Still, we are not fully aware of many awesome tricks that can make your viewing experience more remarkable. In this post, we have prepared a list of 20 such hidden YouTube tricks that no one knows about. Check em out:

Hidden YouTube Tricks

1. Create GIFs

Create GIFs

First in our list of hidden YouTube tricks is creating gifs. You can easily create GIFs from YouTube videos on YouTube. All you need is to:

  • Add the letters gif before the URL of the YouTube video you’re watching

You’ll be navigated to a new website called gifs.com, where you’ll be presented with an option to create GIF file of the video. You can also set the length of the GIF or assign it a title.

2. Find songs of your favorite artist at one place

Find songs of your favorite artist at one place

In order to browse all songs of your favorite artist at one place:

  • Just write # followed by the artist’s name (without spaces) in the search bar. For example: #enriqueiglesias

This will list all the songs sung by that artist. You can listen to the one you want. You can also find full albums of the artist in Albums section.

3. Find what song is playing in a video

Find what song is playing in a YouTube video

Can’t figure out the song being played in a YouTube video? This wonderful website by the name mooma.sh can effectively help you with the purpose. It can identify any song or melody playing in a YouTube video. You just need to copy and paste the link.

4. View videos in theater mode

View a video in theater mode

In order to view your YouTube video in theater mode:

  • Just click on the small rectangle icon in the lower-right corner of the video screen

5. Auto-play videos

Autoplay videos

In case you want to play the same video again and again, just toggle ON the Autoplay button. This will prevent the next video from starting.

You can toggle OFF the Autoplay button if you don’t want to watch the video anymore.

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6. Check Quality of a Video

Check Quality of a YouTube Video

Google has a program called Video Quality Report that allows you to check the quality of the videos you’re watching on YouTube. From here, you can check when the quality of a video will be maximum and when it will be minimum. This way you can avoid streaming during hours when quality isn’t up to the mark.

7. Watch YouTube on TV

Another in our roundup of hidden YouTube tricks is watching YouTube on your TV. You can also watch YouTube videos on your TV if you want. For this, you need to follow some simple instructions mentioned below:

Step 1. First of all, connect both your TV and your smartphone to a Wi-Fi network

Important Note: Both the devices should be connected to the similar Wi-Fi

Step 2. Open the YouTube app on your smartphone and start streaming a video

Step 3. Now scan for your TV within the app

After successful scanning, the app will automatically connect to your TV and the YouTube video will start streaming on it.

8. Share a video from a certain point

Share a YouTube video from a certain point

If you want to cut the crap and only want to share what’s important in a YouTube video, follow the following instructions:

  • Press the control key and right click on the mouse

You’ll see an option called Get video URL at current time. Just click on it. Now, copy the link and share it where you want.

The video will start from the relevant point rather than from the beginning.

9. Make YouTube safe for your kids

YouTube for Kids

If you want to prevent your kids from watching inappropriate content on YouTube, you can try YouTube Kids app. The app is specially designed for children and contains only those videos which are suitable for your little ones.

The YouTube Kids app is available for both Android and iOS.

10. Optimize YouTube for a slow connection

Optimize YouTube for slow Internet connection

If a YouTube video is buffering due to a slow internet connection, you can optimize it accordingly within the app.

  • Just go to com/account_playback
  • Click on the second option saying “I have a slow connection. Never play higher-quality video”

After this, only the standard quality videos will play within the app.

11. Operate YouTube without mouse or touchpad

Watch YouTube without a mouse

You can also operate YouTube without mouse or touchpad:

  • Just type /leanback after https:// youtube.com and press enter

12. Turn a YouTube video into an MP3

Convert a YouTube video into MP3

YouTube to mp3 converter is a handy Web App that lets you quickly convert YouTube videos into mp3 files. All you need is to:

  • Enter URL of the video you want to convert and click on Convert Video option

You can also find several other online video converters on the web.

13. Make your own video playlist

Make your own playlist

You can also create your own video playlist on YouTube. There is a website called Solon that lets you combine videos from video streaming platforms YouTube and Vimeo, and organize them into a playlist. You can even synchronize music files from SoundCloud.

14. Watch a YouTube video in a floating window

Watch a YouTube video in a floating window

A chrome extension by the name Floating YouTube lets you watch videos in a window that floats over the rest of the screen. This way you can also watch perform other tasks while watching a YouTube video.

15. Play subtitles in a YouTube video

Play subtitles

If you’re having problems understanding the video, you can play it with subtitles.

  • Just click on a square icon with cc written on it (in the lower-right corner beside the Settings icon)

Subtitles of that video will automatically start playing.

16. Change the Speed of a video

You can also play a video slow or fast-forward in YouTube. All you need is to:

  • Click on the Settings (gear) icon in lower-right corner of the video screen
  • Select the Speed option

A list of options related to speed with appears in front of you. You can either reduce the speed by half or increase it double. The choice is all yours!

17. Keep your browsing private

Keep your activity private

If you don’t want to let other people know of what you’re watching on YouTube, go to privacy settings and check the following options:

  • Keep all my liked videos and saved playlists private
  • Keep all my subscriptions private

18. Download a video on YouTube

iPhone 7 Tips and Tricks-switch between apps Download YouTube videos

In order to download a video on Youtube:

  • Add the words ss in the starting of its URL. For example, https://www.ssyoutube.com/watch?v=STuHQ5HpmEE

You’ll be navigated to a new website called savefrom.net. From there, you can click on the download link to download the video on your device.

Apart from this, there are numerous websites and applications that allow you to download videos from YouTube. You can choose any of them.

19. Quickly find a specific YouTube video

While searching a specific YouTube video, you should add the following words to your searches to find it faster:

  • Channel or playlist
  • HD (for high definition videos) or 3D (For 3D videos)

You can also add quotation marks or plus and minus signs to get more refined search results.

20. Useful keyboard shortcuts

Apart from the above mentioned hidden YouTube tricks, you can also use these keyboard shortcuts for more remarkable video watching experience:

  • K – Pause or play a video
  • J – Rewind a video by 10 seconds
  • L – Fast forward a video by 10 seconds
  • M – Mute
  • Number 0 – Navigate to the start of the video
  • Number 1 to 9 – Jump from 10% to 90% part of the video
  • Plus sign (+) Increase font size
  • Minus sign (-) – Reduce font size

These were some of the hidden YouTube tricks that you probably did not know. Try them out and have fun YouTubing!

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