Top 25 Best Free eBook Download Sites for Your Digital Library

Top 25 Best Free eBook Download Sites for Your Digital Library
Top 25 Best Free eBook Download Sites for Your Digital Library

In this digital epoch, the Internet has made our lives completely hassle free. Now, everything is at our fingertips so why not books? eBooks are replacing traditional books at a snail’s pace and users prefer to download free eBooks online. That’s why we’ve come up with the 25 best eBook download sites for die-hard book lovers. Here’s the list:

Free eBook Download Sites

1. Read Any Book


Read Any Book provides you the greatest experience of reading free eBooks in real time. It allows you to download free PDF eBooks. Books are also available in RTF or TXT formats. So take a cup of coffee and enjoy reading books online on the first one among our eBook download sites.

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2. TradePub


TradePub is the #1 resource for free professional and technical research, case studies, white papers, and free eBooks. Ever since its debut in 1994, the online eBook reader has grown to be the most sophisticated repository of content for seasoned professionals.

You can find books here on almost every topic you can think of. With an easy-to-use interface and vast collection of books, the website ranks among the top eBook downloaders.

3. Google Books


Google is the king of the digital era which now allows users to read books online for free. You can search and preview millions of books from publishers and libraries across the globe using its search box. The availability of millions of books makes it one of the best websites to download free eBooks.

It also lets you get details on book titles you like. Each book on Google Books has an associated page, namely ‘About this book’ that displays analytical information regarding a book such as a word map of the most used words and phrases.

4. FreeBookSpot

eBook Download Sites-Free Book Spot

If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for downloading free eBooks, then FreeBookSpot can be the best solution for you. You can find your favorite book by exploring its whopping 96 categories that occupy a space of 71.91 GB.

Best of all, it doesn’t require you to register and enables you to grab hundreds of free eBooks related to engineering, science, fiction, cooking, history, etc.

5. Magic

eBook Download Sites-Magic Keys

Magic Keys is one of the best eBook download sites for kids that provides a huge collection of storybooks for reading online. It’s an ultimate choice for mothers who want their kids to spend time on the Internet in a good way.

Stories span ranges from preschool, teens, young children to young adults, making it one of the best websites for downloading free eBooks.

6. Free-eBooks

eBook Download Sites-Free-eBooks

Free-eBooks is unique in its services, allowing you to download a free eBook, magazine, etc. It also lets you give your own eBook for other people to read it online for completely free.

With all these features, it has established as an online source of free eBooks downloads, eBook resources, and eBook authors.

7. Open Library

eBook Download Sites-Open Library

Open Library allows you to read eBooks online for free, providing you a brief detail about every book published. You can find all the documented editions of some books.

The website features one of the biggest libraries in the world, having 20 million free eBooks online from 6 million authors worldwide and 2 million titles. With so many features under the hood, Open Library ranks among the best eBook download sites.

8. GetFreeEBooks

eBook Download Sites-GetFreeeBooks is an awesome website where you can download legal eBooks without paying a single penny. A lot of categories are available to choose from: adventure, business, engineering, education & learning, history, jokes & humor, novels, to name a few.

What’s more, the online source of free eBooks download allows publishers, readers, writers, etc. to share their ideas and reviews. So if you like writing books, then look no further than GetfreeeBooks.

9. Bookish

eBook Download Sites-BookishWith a nice user interface, Bookish is spreading its aura in the universe of eBook download sites. It enables you to browse an extensive database of books and authors, read editorial content, and add books to user-created digital ‘shelves’.

You can even get custom book recommendations. By selecting the desired books, you can build the best digital library for you. All the eBooks within the site are legal downloadable free ebooks.

10. Book Boon

eBook Download Sites-Book Boon

Book Boon provides you a splendid variety of free online books to read and textbooks from accounting to natural science. It is the best source to read and download educational eBooks.

Aimed to publish student literature for IT, engineering, and business students, Book Boon covers all topics such as marketing, development, accounting, management, and computer software skills.

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11. Ebook Bike

eBook Download Sites-eBook Bike

Ebook Bike is another awesome option to download and read free eBooks online. It hosts an avalanche of novels and audiobooks for you.

Although you can search for desired books, browse through the collection, and even upload new creations, you can also share them on social media platforms if you want.

12. Ebook Lobby

eBook Download Sites-eBook Lobby

Let’s move further in our list of top 25 eBook download sites with Ebook Lobby. It is one of the free eBooks sites that divides all the books into different categories ranging from business and art to computing and education.

Select an eBook category you’re looking for. Then, you’ll get all the available eBooks from that particular category. Moreover, it provides you a list of top 10 most viewed eBooks.

13. The Online Books Page

eBook Download Sites-The Online Books Page

The Online Books Page is an index of e-text books available on the Internet. It lists over 2 million books and can be easily navigated with its 5 major categories and relevant sub-categories. All of its books are legally and freely available over the Internet.

You can search by new listings, titles, authors, serials, and subjects. Alternatively, you can browse through features, indexes, news, archives, and the inside story for information.

14. Bookyards

eBook Download Sites-Bookyards

Bookyards is an online library where you can not only find books, but also a large selection of free videos, links, and blogs, among others. If we consider its statistics, it has a total of 18,161 books, 4,200 news and blog links, 41,821 external web links, 33,047 eBook links, and 384 videos.

Talking about its interface, the website is pretty simple where you can either publish books, download eBooks as per categories/authors you like, or share links for free. It also provides you an option to donate, download its iBook app, and visit its educational links.

15. Read Central

eBook Download Sites-Read Central

Another in our list of top 25 eBook download sites is Read Central that comes with a collection of over 5K free online books and thousands of poems and quotes. If you want to beat your boredom in weekends, then it is an outstanding choice as it helps you enjoy your reading time.


eBook Download

Do you love to read French books? InLibroVeritas is the one among our eBook download sites which can definitely help you.  It is a web portal where you can publish your own books for other users to read.

By visiting the site, you can read and download your favorite French books for free.

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17. Authorama

eBook Download Sites-Authorama

Authorama features free books from a medley of different authors. You can read any book online or download it to read later. Each book on the website is formatted using XHTML language, making it super easy to read.

18. International Digital Children’s Library


In an attempt to provide a safe online reading environment for your kids, we’ve included International Digital Children’s Library website in our list of top 25 eBook download sites. It has a huge collection of eBooks for children. You can also find story books for your kids.

The website boasts of a nice search interface and you can make suggestions for your kids to read stories. It even includes a sorted list on the basis of your reading interest and book length.

19. World Public Library


World Public Library offers books by the greatest writers of the last 1,000 years. It provides books in over 300 distinct languages. You can find books from every field of study, including science, technology, education, and sociology.

Furthermore, the website hosts a vast collection of eBooks that you can download to add to your digital library. It’s not a free service, but once you get registered, you can get a full access to an ocean of books.

20. Librivox


Are you an audiobook lover? If you’re, then Librivox among our eBook download sites is just made for you. Basically, it is a community of volunteers all over the world who read and record public domain texts, creating free audiobooks to download.

It categorizes books in many different sections such as short stories, poetry, whole book, and even dramatic books. Around 90% of the catalog is available in English, however, recordings exist in almost 31 languages altogether. With so many features under the hood, it ranks among the free eBook resources.

21. Wattpad


Build the best digital library with Wattpad. It is an online storytelling community where users post their written work such as poems, stories, articles, and fan fiction via the website or the mobile app. Users can like and comment stories and join groups allied with the website.

Whether you’re online or offline, you can easily read books without worrying about downloading PDFs. It provides support for 20+ languages, allowing you to select your language to read and download books.

22. Smashwords


Smashwords is an eBook-distribution platform for independent publishers and authors. You can upload your manuscripts as electronic files to the web app, which converts them into multiple eBook formats to read on various devices. In this way, you can read books online in any format you like.

Once published, books are made available for sale online at a price set by an indie publisher or author.

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23. Many Books


Get free eBooks you like with Many Books. It is one of the best eBook download sites that features an eye-catching home page, allowing you to browse through books. You can find books by recent reviews, titles, authors, languages, and more.

It not only provides you a lot of free stuff to choose from, but it also lets you read eBooks on most of the reading platforms including eReaders.


Available as an open-source Internet archive, is one of the top eBook downloaders. It comprises of a huge library of free books to read online as well as to free download.  Moreover, the website has a non-profit digital library to offer you free universal access to books, music, and movies along with around 284 billion archived web pages.

25. Project Gutenberg


Another one in our top 25 eBook download sites is Project Gutenberg that offers over 53,000 free eBooks to read and download. You can choose from its free kindle books, epub books, and more for online or offline reading.

It comes with an extensive book catalog, letting you browse by title, language, author, and recently posted books. The releases are available in plain text, but whenever possible, other formats are also included such as MOBI, PDF, HTML, EPUB, and Plucker.

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