How to Use Snapchat Stories Search Feature

How to Use Snapchat Stories Search Feature
How to Use Snapchat Stories Search Feature

In order to stay ahead of its rival Facebook, Snapchat finally added a search function for its Stories. Called Snapchat Stories Search, the feature now makes it significantly easier to discover additional content by entering just a single keyword. Users can use the search bar to find whatever they want in a story, including Chicago Cubs game, a vacation spot, and nearby basketball game.

As per reports, over 1 million themes will have search results available. The messaging giant said that it will keep expanding the ways it classifies submissions. It is one of the new Snapchat features that aim at getting users to spend more time in the app by exploring a wealth of content.

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You’re probably wondering how to use Snapchat Stories Search feature, right? Well, it’s quite easy. Just follow the steps below and search for stories you want:

Use Snapchat Stories Search Feature

1. Launch Snapchat app on your phone and tap on the top of the main screen


2. This will expand the Search bar, letting you promptly chat with friends, and view professionally curated stories. You can even toggle through specifics like music events, highlights, nearby activities, or sports events


3. Enter the keyword in the Search bar to make a relevant stories search


4. The search results will be available in no time. You can even search puppies using Snapchat Stories Search feature


This new feature utilizes machine-learning algorithms to analyze attributes such as caption text, time and visual elements. Users can find their stories in the ‘Our Stories’ section.

This Stories Search feature helps in turning Snapchat into the ephemeral and real-time YouTube built for mobile video creation. YouTube catalogs the world’s online recorded video content with Google’s search power. However, there’s always a delay of a few hours to days while downloading and uploading videos on it. And given that YouTube was originally designed for the web, video clips are typically longer ranging from 30 seconds to a few minutes. For more info, you can check out YouTube review.

This leaves the door open for Snapchat and its new search feature. Rather than just relying on manually added tags and text descriptions, the company is making use of machine vision to see what’s actually in content, then classifies and catalogs it. In this way, new Snapchat Stories Search feature makes it a real-time YouTube.

Don’t be surprised if you check your Snapchat and don’t find the feature today as for now, Snapchat Stories Search feature is rolling out to users in selected U.S. cities.

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How to Use Snapchat Stories Search Feature
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