11 Easy Photography Tips and Tricks to Make Your Photos Truly Unforgettable

11 Easy Photography Tips and Tricks to Make Your Photos Truly Unforgettable

Have you ever wondered how to capture a perfect shot? If yes, then that’s it as we’re here with our 11 easy photography tips and tricks that will make you a picture-taking master.

Capturing beautiful moments with your camera has never been easier with ever-evolving smartphone apps, capabilities, free photography sites, and eBooks. Whether you’re endeavoring for more impressive Instagram-worthy shots on your smartphone or you’re a DSLR photographer, our photography tips and tricks will let lead you down the road of picture taking mystery. Let’s have a look:

Photography Tips and Tricks

1. Framing


Let’s unlock our photography tips and tricks treasure with framing. You can use your surroundings to create a ‘natural frame’ for the main subject in your photo. It can be a door, a window, a rainbow, trees, sky, or just a few branches. However, make sure that a frame should not dominate the whole shot.

2. Direction


Generally, our mind perceives information from left to right. Given so, it’s best to align all the main stuff at the right side of the frame.

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3. Movement


If you’re recording something in motion, leave some free space in front of it. In this way, your photo will have a more dynamic feel. This one among our photography tips and tricks for making photos memorable comes handy for those who’re habitual in capturing motion pictures.

4. Foreground


If you want to make a photo truly unforgettable, then don’t forget about the foreground. While making your shot deeper, you can add something to it like some object.

5. Camera Angle


A camera plays a vital role in capturing photos and if you set a precise angle for your device’s camera, then it can be very useful to turn your dull photos into a masterpiece.

With the perfect camera angle, you can show your subject in a new and unexpected way, and even tell a whole story without overstuffing the frame.

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6. Negative Space


Every image has two spaces, namely positive space and negative space. Basically, positive space shows the main subject in a photograph whereas negative one is the background.

Remember to keep a tab on what’s happening in the negative space as it should put emphasis on your main subject rather than cramp it. With this one among our photography tips and tricks, you can make your photos unforgettable.

7. Depth


The next jewel in our treasure of photography tips and tricks is depth. It gives you picture a more 3-D and rich feel. Here’re a couple of features to help you achieve the 3-D effect for your photos:

  • Parallel lines
  • Slowly dissolving fog will make your shots seem layered
  • Picture tone
  • Field depth

8. Golden Hour and Blue Hour


Golden hour and blue hour are the most important things to consider while capturing your memorable moments. For those who are familiar, golden hour is the period shortly before dusk or after dawn. At this time, contrast seems to be condensed and light becomes warmer and softer. You can find out the exact time of this magical hour in your current location by visiting the golden hour’s official site.


On the other hand, blue hour lasts for about 20 to 30 minutes during sunrise and sunset, when the light turns out to be predominantly blue. With the official site of blue hour, you can find out when this supernatural time will come.

9. Shadows and Reflections


Do you want to make your photos more interesting and dramatic? If the answer is in yes, then don’t forget to add shadows and reflections in your photos. You can also create a virtual ‘dialogue’ between the main subject and its shadow.

10. Closed up Shots


Another one among our photos tips and tricks is for making great closed up shots. In order to make well closed up with your smartphone, you need not have additional macro lenses. A single drop of water is sufficient if you set it on your device’s lens with your finger. It’s just incredible and super easy to do it yourself to make your photos truly unforgettable.

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11. Practice First, Experiment Later


First of all, simply learn the basic rules of composition. Once you’re done, don’t be scared to break them. In this way, you’ll not only get a fresh shot but you’ll also begin building up your unique photographic style.

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