Galaxy S8 Battery Life Issues: How to Fix Them

Galaxy S8 Battery Life Issues
Galaxy S8 Battery Life Issues: How to Fix Them

One of the most significant things in every smartphone is its battery life. However, does it meet the requirement totally depends on how you use your smartphone. If you’re spending hours watching movies or playing games, the battery of your phone will drain fast. You cannot expect your device’s battery to last for a day. Same is the case with Samsung’s latest smartphone, Galaxy S8. Even with the advanced technologies like wireless and fast charging, you may encounter Galaxy S8 battery life issues.

There are several other reasons why you may experience a short and poor battery life on Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphone. You need to change a few settings like performance settings, display settings, etc. and doing so, the battery will last longer.

In case you’re facing Galaxy S8 battery life issues, we’ve provided some useful tips to improve your battery life. Just follow these below-mentioned tips to make the most out of your Galaxy S8 and S8+ battery and enjoy the best possible experience.

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Here’re Some Tips to Fix Galaxy S8 Battery life issues

  1. Make Use of Power Saving Mode

Galaxy S8 Battery Life Issues - Power Saving Mode

One of the better and simple ways to save battery power is to use the built-in power saving modes. You can make great use of the mode to fix Galaxy S8 and S8+ battery issues. Power saving mode is quite helpful when the battery life of your device is pretty low. Under Settings > Device maintenance > Battery, you’ll get performance modes. Moreover, you can toggle power saving mode within the quick settings section of the notification shade.

Most of the people use the ‘mid’ level of power saving mode as this makes a balance between saving power and allowing your device to do the things you need to. While tapping on the ‘mid’ level, you’ll find that it lowers the screen resolution, decreases brightness, disables both the Always On Display and background network usage, as well as limits your device’s CPU performance. In addition, it adds several hours to battery life over the course of a day. However, you won’t use this all the time.

Apart from this, you can tweak some parameters to get the middle ground that works for you. You can tap on Customize and see what all you can change. As an example, you can keep the CPU speed limiter on and also turn on background network usage. This way the apps will continue to sync while not actively using them.

For the most dreadful situations, when there is a little battery in your smartphone or you don’t have an idea when you’ll get power again, you should go for ‘max’ power saving mode. Consequently, it will turn down your screen resolutions, limit performance, and also turn off more features.

  1. Lower Screen Brightness

Galaxy S8 Battery Life Issues - Lower Screen Brightness

Higher brightness consumes more battery of your smartphone. Although Samsung’s AMOLED displays have become more efficient, the screen continues to be a distinguished drain on the battery life of your phone. You can reduce the screen brightness on your Galaxy S8 in order to save battery life. You can either use the slider in the notification shade or go to Settings > Display.

Moreover, you can also turn off automatic brightness to improve Galaxy S8 battery life issues. This way the screen does not ramp up and use more battery even in a bright display. You can set your device’s brightness as per your need.

  1. Use Sleep Option For the Apps

In case you don’t want to delve into settings, Samsung temporarily puts apps to sleep from the launcher. It means that the app won’t run in the background and therefore, it won’t drain your phone’s battery and won’t push notifications. You’ll get the updates once you open it.

In order to put an app to sleep, just long press an icon on your home screen and then, tap Sleep.

  1. Uninstall Unused Apps

Another easiest way to improve Galaxy S8 battery life issues is to uninstall unused apps. It often happens when you buy a new smartphone, you start downloading and installing numerous apps on a new device. Even though you may use them or need them seldom, such apps can use the device’s battery.

You need to analyze your device and find out those unusable apps that you’ve forgotten about and don’t need anymore. Just go to Settings > apps and scroll through to see if there are such unused apps. However, if you think you need those apps again, you can always reinstall them.

  1. Reduce the Screen Resolution

Galaxy S8 Battery Life Issues - Reduce Screen Resolution

You can also improve the battery life by reducing the screen resolution. All you need to do is head over to Settings > Display > Screen resolution. Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ don’t run at the max resolution by default. They stick at FHD+ as the processor does not need to work hard for running the smartphone, which ultimately saves the battery.

In case you have moved to WQHD+ for the screen to look great, you can always scale it down to save the battery.

  1. Reboot Your Smartphone

Galaxy S8 Battery Life Issues - Reboot your phone

In case the battery is draining out quickly, it may be time to reboot your smartphone. All of your apps and processes that run in the background will close by rebooting the phone. A quick reboot can often fix this issue and save you from dealing with almost dead battery later in a day.

  1. Turn Off Radios When Not In Use

Galaxy S8 Battery Life Issues - Turn Off Radios when not in use

The use of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS on your smartphone is normal and regular in these modern days. Sometimes, many of you forgot to turn off Wi-Fi, GPS, or Bluetooth on their phones, which consumes more battery life of your device.

The Wi-Fi will wipe out the battery on Galaxy S8 and S8+ especially if you leave it on an entire day. One of the best ways on how to fix battery problems of Galaxy S8 is to turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth while you aren’t using them.  In addition, you can also toggle either one from the notification shade quick settings to make the process easy.

What’s more, you can also disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth scanning used to help with location services even when both the radios are technically turned off. You can find it by going to Settings > Connections > Location and then Improve accuracy. Your smartphone will not use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi at all by turning off the switches.

  1. Regularly Update Your Device’s OS

Last but not the least, you can check the update of your Galaxy S8 smartphone regularly to get over from the battery issue on it. This is the official solution from Samsung to fix Galaxy S8 battery issue.

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So these were some useful tips that will help you fix Galaxy S8 battery life issues. Try them out.

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Galaxy S8 Battery Life Issues: How to Fix Them
If you’re facing Galaxy S8 battery life issues, we’ve provided useful tips to improve battery life. Follow the tips and enjoy the best possible experience.
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