Top 11 Best Android Launchers of 2017

Best Android Launchers of 2017
Top 11 Best Android Launchers of 2017

Are you looking for the best Android launchers of 2017? If yes, then you have arrived at the right post.

We can say that Android launchers have become an integral part of the Android experience these days. In case you don’t like the way your home screen looks or performs, you can downlad apps to change all of it. One of the most magnificent ways to customize your phone is to install a launcher. Android launchers allow you to customize your smartphones such as to change icons, desktop grid, dock style, transitions, animations, and a lot more.

There are hundreds of such apps out there but you can find some of the best launcher apps for Android on Google Play Store, which can customize your smartphone in various different styles. However, most of them make your device slower but provide tons of customizations. On the other hand, some are smooth enough but do not come with many customizations. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the 11 best Android launchers of 2017 that will brighten up your home screen. Let’s move towards our list to grasp top Android launcher.

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Best Android launchers of 2017

  1. Apex Launcher

Best Android launchers of 2017 - Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher is a feature-packed launcher that takes the Android customization to a whole new level. Its dock is scrollable where you are able to add seven apps icons on one screen. Moreover, you can create a dock that consists of maximum five screens. You can customize folders, icons, transition effects and many others. It enables you to back up & restore data. It has been around for a long time and remains the most iconic Android launchers ever.

The app includes a theme engine with various themes available on the Google Play Store. In addition, it supports icon packs. There are numerous icon packs available for this launcher that makes it one of the best Android launchers of 2017.

Apex Launcher features:

  • Scrollable docks
  • Customizable grid and home screen size
  • Infinite and elastic scrolling
  • Folder and app icon customization
  • Backup and restore
  1. Nova Launcher

Best Android Launchers of 2017 - Nova Launcher

Developed by TeslaCoil software, Nova Launcher is one of the best Android launchers of 2017 that works smoothly and is highly customizable. The application has a list of customizable features that include gestures support, icon pack support, themes, as well as the ability to customize the look and feel of the app, and much more.

The launcher app offers you full control over the Home Screen customization. It changes the user interface, icons packages, home screen, app drawers, and animations with a simple click. You can customize its tabs, icons, badges, folders, and background. Its restore and backup feature allows you to back up the new settings and data. It is highly optimized and works swiftly.

Nova Launcher does not affect the performance of your smartphone and therefore, you are able to use any app at the speed you would generally use it.

Nova Launcher features:

  • Highly customizable app drawer
  • Smooth infinite scrolling
  • Custom grid options
  • Distinct folder icons
  • Easy backup and restore feature
  • Easily scrollable docks
  1. Solo Launcher

Best Android launchers of 2017 - Solo Launcher

Solo Launcher is a clean, simple, and highly customizable launcher that comes with beautiful themes, wallpapers, smart widgets, and a battery saver. It uses Material Design 2.0 that means you’ll get the latest options when it comes to design.

The app comes with gesture controls, a clock/weather widget, and a lot more. It has thousands of stunning themes and widgets. Besides, it’s DIY with Photos function makes it simpler for you to set your preferred photos as icon pictures. What’s more, you can use its Clean & Boost feature to make your phone faster. Overall, if you need something fast, small, and customizable, Solo Launcher is definitely worth a shot.

Solo Launcher features:

  • Simple and fast UI
  • Home screen gestures supported with quick launch
  • Great collections of themes and icon packages are available
  • Clean & Boost
  • DIY with Photos
  1. Action Launcher 3

Best Android launchers of 2017 - Action Launcher 3

Among all the best Android launchers of 2017, Action Launcher 3 is a great launcher in terms of its design. It allows you to access several functions through the list menu. It lets you quickly navigate through your apps from home screen itself.

It is a highly customizable launcher that includes several features such as Quicktheme, Shutter & Covers, etc. The Quicktheme feature allows you to customize home Screen with a variety of wallpapers where the color selection is also possible. In addition, its Shutter function lets you view the inbox or social networking updates without opening the particular app.

Action Launcher 3 features

  • Covers & Shutters
  • Quickdrawer and Quickbar
  • Easy to edit the icons and labels of apps
  • Quick search to find all your photos, music, and other files
  • Changes themes instantly with a Quicktheme
  1. Buzz Launcher

Best Android launchers of 2017 - Buzz Launcher

The next launcher in our list of the best Android launchers of 2017 is Buzz Launcher that offers you a variety of cool wallpapers and unique themes. It is a highly customizable launcher. Its Share feature allows you to share your Home screen with a tap via social network sites. You can explore various types of widgets, including clock, date, weather and much more. Not only this, but you can also use Buzz Custom Widget tool to make your own widgets for free. You can personalize your home screen with powerful icon, wallpaper editing features.

It is an ad-free custom launcher having more than 8,00,000+ free themes. The application offers support for its themes and bug fixes. It takes customizations to a whole new level. It’s definitely a must-try Android launcher.

Buzz Launcher features

  • Clean UI
  • Multiple HD wallpapers screens supported
  • Customizable folders in home screen/drawer
  • Full range of gestures are supported
  • Easy to edit and resize the icon structure
  • Highly customized widgets section

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  1. Arrow Launcher

Best Android launchers of 2017 - Arrow Launcher

Microsoft’s Arrow Launcher is indeed a great app for users with highly artistic sense. It offers a crystal clear look to your phone’s display. You’ll see all recently used apps such as messages, camera, browser and call record while you swipe it towards the right side. On the other hand, you’ll get all the apps in alphabetical order while swiping towards the left.

You’ll have a variety of preset home screens that shows frequent contacts, recent documents, and your regular apps. It seems to have grown into a really great Android launcher.

Arrow Launcher features:

  • Quickly get back to all your recent activity like text messages, phone calls, photos, file downloads, etc.
  • No more hunting around your phone contact list
  • Easily find and contact the people
  • Cool widgets and icon pack
  1. Hola Launcher

Best Android launchers of 2017 - Hola Launcher

Simple yet effective, Hola Launcher is also ranked among top Android launchers 2017. It is a perfect launcher that gives your smartphone a remarkable look. It arranges all the apps on your phone alphabetically and makes it suitable for you to search for an app using App Search feature.

Furthermore, it offers unique gesture controls, including a double-tap app drawer, a quick launch swipe from the bottom corner that promptly accesses frequently used apps and settings. You can personalize the home screen and apps icons as you wish.

Hola Launcher features:

  • Hide apps inside app driver
  • Personalized home screen
  • Packed with gestures capability
  • Game Booster
  • Power manager
  1. Atom Launcher

Best Android launchers of 2017 - Atom Launcher

Atom Launcher enables you to use your Android smartphone more easily and conveniently. The application comes with a theme maker and you’ll find a variety of themes for it on the Google Play Store.

It also has gesture controls, built-in widgets, hidden dock with extra settings, icon pack support, and several other customizations and settings. The setting is customizable and easy to control. It does not slow down your smartphone.

Atom Launcher features:

  • Theme maker
  • Streamlined widgets
  • Backup and restore settings
  • Dock bar: You can access up to 20 of your favorite apps instantly
  1. Yahoo Aviate Launcher

Best Android launchers of 2017 - Yahoo Aviate Launcher

Yahoo Aviate Launcher is a powerful launcher that quickly becomes a go-to solution for many folks. It personalizes your Android experience by organizing everything as per your usage. The app also offers you to choose from many beautiful wallpapers. It also serves as an alternative to Google Now.

There is a smart stream of useful cards to the left of your home screen, i.e. sports scores, battery saver, upcoming events, and much more. It organizes your apps and information. It means you can save time and quickly find what you need.

Yahoo Aviate Launcher features:

  • Simple navigation
  • Smart Stream
  • Convenient search box lets you quickly search the web, contacts, apps
  1. Air Launcher

Best Android launchers of 2017 - Air Launcher

Air Launcher is one of the best Android launchers of 2017 for your smartphone that refreshes its appearance and offers a new look. Its Booster feature allows your phone to run faster and time to time cleans the memory with a simple tap. In addition, its Hide Apps lets you secure your personal apps. You can style up your home screen with well-designed launcher themes for Android. It provides free launcher themes in several styles.

On top of that, the 3D transition effects offer you an incredible experience of operating your phone. The app also lets you get news alerts, weather updates, and notifications for new emails or messages. Last but not least, App Drawer keeps all of your apps in an organized way to make it easier for you to look for any app.

Air Launcher features:

  • Stunning HD wallpapers
  • Phone booster and junk cleaner
  • Provides themes to customize your home screen
  • Quick gestures for search, hide apps and settings
  1. APUS Launcher

Best Android launchers of 2017 - APUS Launcher

APUS Launcher is a simple yet robust launcher that comes with more than 2000 themes and around 15000 wallpapers to provide your phone a whole new look. Being a straightforward app, APUS does not compromise on quality. Its Smart Folder feature enables you to categorize all the apps in an organized and clean manner.

Furthermore, the Unread Count notifies you about messages, phone calls, emails, and other apps. APUS Search allows you to search any contact, app, message, website, or file within a few seconds.

APUS Know is a great function to give you info about all necessary things like traffic, latest news, political scenario, weather reports, etc. It is a highly optimized application. You can even improve the performance of your phone even with minimal memory.

APUS Launcher features:

  • Online wallpaper collections to change your phone look
  • Helps you out to find out cool apps what others are looking for
  • Useful notification toggle bar
  • Makes phone faster and extend battery life by 50% with one tap boost
  • Smartly sort apps into categories
  • Keeps your phone clean and organized

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That’s all we have in our list of the 11 best Android launchers of 2017. Till then, stay tuned for more updates.

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