Fix: How to Troubleshoot Common Galaxy S8 Issues

Galaxy S8 Issues
Fix: How to Troubleshoot Common Galaxy S8 Issues

It’s no surprise that Samsung Galaxy S8 is one of the most impressive smartphones with a lot to offer. Assisting you with a sleek design, it is packed with an immersive Infinite Display, tons of power, a perfect camera, and great performance. Furthermore, with the disappearance of the home button and the company’s logo from the front, the smartphone becomes much more alluring. But unfortunately, the Galaxy S8 is not flawless. There are some issues that you may encounter while using the phone. Do you want to know how to fix issues of Galaxy S8? In this article, we’ll provide you a list of common Galaxy S8 issues you may experience and offer potential solutions on how to quickly fix them. Read on to know our quick troubleshooting tips.

Here’s a Quick Guide on How to Fix Galaxy S8 Issues

  1. Red Tint on the Display

Galaxy S8 Issues - Red tint on the display

You probably have read a few reports about the S8 screen issues. Many users have complained of a screen problem that has red tints on the display. This is not a hardware problem and there is no need to return your phone for a replacement. However, you cannot do much until Samsung releases a software update. The company has decided to send a software update in order to address this problem.

Once you’ve applied the updates, you can control the color settings from the smartphone’s menu to fix this Galaxy S8 issue. Just head over to Settings > Display > Screen Mode and from there, you can select a new color mode. What’s more, Samsung also provides a great range of color balance options.

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  1. Wi-Fi Issues

Galaxy S8 Issues - Wi-Fi Issues

Among the other Galaxy S8 problems, many users have reported that they’re facing issues with Wi-Fi connectivity. They’ve mentioned poor performance and speed issues making them unable to load even a site. Meanwhile, the wireless connectivity drops out. It’s not a critical issue and can be easily fixed.

The company has announced that it will push a software update in order to fix how the device communicates with wireless networks.

However, if you’ve encountered a problem that is not fixed by the software update, you need to reboot your phone by holding down the button at right side of a phone. Moreover, you can also navigate to your Settings > Backup > Reset Network Settings.

  1. Forcing Apps to go Full Screen

Galaxy S8 Issues - Forcing apps to go full screen

Probably, one of the biggest Galaxy S8 issues until now is apps not being full screen. The S8 comes with an aspect ratio of 18.5:9. In most of the cases, various apps have been designed for the standard aspect ratio of 16:9, so in other cases, you’ll get to know that apps will fail to stretch across the display in landscape mode and leave slim black bars on either side.

In order to make your apps go full screen, swipe up from the home screen to open Settings, tap on Display option. Once you tap, just scroll until you find Full Screen Apps. You can scroll through the apps list to decide which apps you need to have automatically stretched to full screen.

  1. To Fix Speaker Issues When Your Smartphone Gets Wet

Galaxy S8 Issues - Fixing Speaker Issues When Smartphone Gets Wet

Samsung Galaxy S8 is IP68 certified for water resistance. Many S8 users have reported speaker issues after getting the Galaxy S8 wet. Consequently, the smartphone play audio with distortions and sometimes with a cracking sound. However, it’s just a glitch that can be easily solved.

One of the best ways to fix the issue of Galaxy S8 is to get a towel and dry your wet smartphone. Once you’ve done this, don’t use the speakers at least for an hour until the moisture completely dries up. This way the speakers will get back to normal after an hour or two. Once the Galaxy S8 is completely dry, everything will work properly again.

  1. Wireless Charging Issues

Galaxy S8 Issues - Wireless charging issues

Several Galaxy S8 users have experienced issues with wireless charging. They’ve reported that the company’s handset occasionally fails to work with certain charging pads. In addition, the wireless charging still fails to resume even after users reboot their phones. In most of the scenarios, users have reported that they’ve got a ‘charging paused’ warning for no obvious reason.

Samsung is yet to announce a fix to these Galaxy S8 Issues and therefore, users are getting increasingly annoyed. It seems that the S8 wireless charging problem mainly occurs with older charging pads that should be compatible with the phone, however for some other reason they fail to communicate with the device’s wireless charging receiver. In many cases, the S8 users have successfully charged their phones by giving up older pads and buying a newer model. There are not any solutions at present to this issue and the only option is to wait for an official software fix from the company.

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  1. Forcing the Screen to Use Quad HD

Galaxy S8 Issues - Forcing the screen to use Quad HD

The Galaxy S8 has a stunning Quad-HD display that brings sharp visuals. However, you can also run your screen at different resolutions. If you’ve forgotten to turn it back up after you’ve turned it down, you may drop pixels on the video you’re watching. You can move to Quad-HD and get a great look.

Just go to Settings > Display > Screen Resolution. You’ll get a slider that lets you pick FHD+, HD+, or WQHD+ resolutions for the best possible screen experience.

That’s all!

So, these were some useful solutions for your common Galaxy S8 issues.

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Fix: How to Troubleshoot Common Galaxy S8 Issues
In this article, we’ll provide you a list of common Galaxy S8 issues you may experience and offer potential solutions on how to quickly fix them.
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