5 Best Ways to Organize iPad Apps With Ease

5 Best Ways to Organize iPad Apps With Ease

Apps can swiftly overcrowd the screens and therefore, can lead to a hot mess. It seems like a hassle to hunt for the apps you need while navigating through all of your home screens. However, you don’t have to live through the chaos. Luckily, you can organize iPad apps on your home screen, place them in folders, and move them to other screens. You can even reorder the pages.

There are several different ways to organize iPad apps along with folders with the help of dock and simply by sorting apps alphabetically. If you are spending more than a minute hunting for a specific app across the home screen, you can go through our post to organize iPad apps for an easy access. Read on.

Here’re the 5 Cool Ways to Organize iPad Apps

  1. Organizing iPad With Folders

Organize iPad Apps - Organizing iPad With Folders

Ever since the inception of iPads, users were not provided with a way to create folders. iPad comes with numerous great apps. When you start downloading new apps from the App Store, you’ll find yourself with a number of pages filled with icons. You need to create folders on your device to cover up the mess. It’s a simple process just like moving an app.

Instead of moving an app on the home screen of iPad, you can drop it onto the other app. While you drag an app across the screen and hover over another app, there is an outline that appears on that app. In addition, you will zoom into a folder view if you continue hovering. You are able to create the folder by dropping it inside the folder area once the device zooms into the folder.

On top of that, you can also provide a folder name. All you need to do is tap on the name at the top and enter the folder name as per your wish. This way you can create a folder for Entertainment like streaming movies or music, a folder for Productivity, and a folder for Games, among others.

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  1. Sorting Apps Alphabetically

Organize iPad Apps - Sorting Apps Alphabetically

There is no method to permanently organize iPad apps alphabetically. However, you can sort them without moving any individual app.

In order to arrange your apps alphabetically, just follow the steps given below:

  • Open the Settings
  • Head over to General
  • Select Reset
  • Tap Reset Home Screen Layout
  • You need to confirm your choice on the dialog box that appears by tapping Reset

So, you can sort all of your downloaded apps in alphabetical order. And the apps that came with your iPad will be placed into their default locations.

  1. Placing Folders on the Dock

Organize iPad Apps - Placing Folders on the Dock

This is yet another way to organize apps on your iPad. Though the dock is used for the most recently used apps and the home screen is used for the rest of apps and folders, you can make use of your home screen for the most used apps while you can use the dock by placing a folder in it. This way, you can access a complete slew of apps from any home screen. You can put all of your apps into different folders and place them on the dock. Instead of placing up to six apps, you can now place six folders on the dock. It makes your iPad look like a desktop OS’s interface.

However, when the folder is placed on the dock, you are not able to drop an app into a folder. For this, you’ll need to move an app to your home screen, drop the app into it, and then move it back to the dock. Apple is expected to fix this issue in its future release.

  1. Placing the Most-Used Apps on the Dock

Organize iPad Apps - Placing the Most-Used Apps on the Dock

It’s no matter which screen of apps you’re presently on; the apps on the dock remain the same. Therefore, this place makes the perfect area for your most-used apps. Most of the users don’t even change the apps present on the dock. By default, the iPad enables you to put only four apps on the dock, but you can actually place up to six apps on it.

You can place an app on the dock at the bottom of the screen in a similar way you move it anywhere on the page. While moving the app, just move your finger to the dock and hover until the other apps on the dock move out of the way for it. It should be noted that you can add only five or lesser apps on the dock.

If the dock is full or you don’t want any of the default apps on the dock, you can move them from it just like you move the apps from anywhere. Once you’ve moved the app off the dock, the other apps on it will automatically rearrange themselves.

  1. Skip Organizing the iPad And Use of Spotlight Search or Siri

Organize iPad Apps - Use Spotlight Search

You can also launch an app even if you don’t know where it’s located using Spotlight Search. It’s an impressive way to keep from hunting for a particular app. Not only this, but you can also launch an app via Siri by saying Launch Notes or Launch Mail. The only thing you need to remember is the app name you’re launching.

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That’s all we have in our post on how to organize iPad apps. Just take a little time to organize them which eventually will save your time from hunting the apps and increase your productivity. You’ll be moving around the iPad like a pro.

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5 Best Ways to Organize iPad Apps With Ease
If you're spending more than a minute hunting for an app across the home screen, you can go through our post to organize iPad apps for an easy access.
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